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    RaRaRaLaLaLab - RaRaradio & Baltan Laboratories

    Focus on community projects and the Occupy Baltan program

    Tune in and listen to the new live session of RaRaRaLaLaLab. We will present the latest open call for residency of the Occupy Baltan program. Sarie Hermens and Leif Czakai will guide you through the recent but rich history of this trajectory and how it came to focus on community projects.

    Sarie is Project manager at Baltan and co-founder of GardenMania. Leif is Lab & Community manager and designer for participation. Together they are setting up a 4 month residency that looks at how social design projects can be set up or/and practiced within the Eindhoven context.

    As part of the research theme “Homo Socialis” this program revolves around social cohesion, community and (in)equality. It is especially focused on the different roles of people in society and how they affect each other.
    In the past Baltan already dedicated programs to reflect on the dynamics and interactions that can happen when (social) designers enter foreign contexts of other groups of people. Above all, the occupy program allows participants to immerse themselves into the physical and mental space of the community or the institution itself.

    Sarie and Leif will guide you through the chronological happenings of Occupy Baltan, social design focused programs and the new residency that just came out, discovering the reason why you should join this cultural program of occupation.

    Live on Rararadio

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