Speculative LARP workshop by Marije Baalman

  • SENTIENT MACHINES: Algorithmic Sentience 

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    What does an algorithm sense?

    A live-action game situated in a speculative future

    Algorithmic Sentience is a LARP (live action role-playing) game workshop that explores the potential of algorithms to influence the perception of our surroundings. Marije Baalman, together with Tim Bosje and Marion Traenkle, will guide participants in playing the LARP game, which is situated in a speculative future where algorithms mediate our senses.

    Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive or experience subjectively. The workshop explores how algorithms could influence our perception of the world. How would this influence our inter-human relationships? How would humans and algorithms interact with each other? Participants in the LARP game will play either humans or algorithms. The interactions between participants will be governed by game mechanics that simulate how future technologies may mediate our senses.

    Tickets: €10 regular / €7,50 students
    Participants are kindly requested to dress in neutral dark clothing

    About The Malbody Centre
    This workshop is part of Marije Baalman’s project The Malbody Centre: a multi-participant environment that is set in a future in which wearables have become body prostheses to mediate our senses. These prostheses, so-called e-bodilies, are connected to networks governed by large companies and states. In this future, people who divert from the norm are called malbodies. They are cast out of society and put into malbody centres.

    This workshop will be developed during Marije Baalman’s SENTIENT MACHINES residency at Baltan Laboratories. SENTIENT MACHINES is an artist-in-residence series that focusses on the relationship between technology and the human body. In 2018, Baltan and Robot Love invite a total of four artists to Eindhoven to develop their projects.

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