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  • Silence of the Amps 

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    Gert41 is an all-round artist applying an immediate, hands-on approach to the process of creation. When an idea comes to mind, he instantly starts shaping it. As a result Gert41 produces works in a rapid tempo.

    His work can be seen as an on-going accumulation of ideas. Ideas which call for different approaches, techniques and methods, stimulating the artist to work in several disciplines such as sculpting, painting, filming and photography. Common themes in his work are juxtaposition and similarities in contrasts. Combining opposites and letting them co-exist is the artist’s main drive; he is always looking for ways to transform objects into images by changing context and simple interventions, making his work come across as ironic at first glance.

    Silence of the Amps explores and shares the idea of a lab as a (dis)functional workspace for ideas. The project can be seen as a repository for opportunities, questioning the role of the artist himself as well as the spectators’ role by staging the environment as a process of creation. Or vice versa, the creation of a work-in-progress as an environment.

    Gert41 is a professional artist living and working in Gent, Belgium. He studied at the Vrije Academie for visual art in The Hague (1993-1994) and the Academy for art and design in Den Bosch (1995-1998).

    Gert41: Lets talk about the invisible, look at the sound, listen to a sculpture. Background noise, foreground sound and vice versa. I am here to serve and after this I will no longer exist. I will be back for more.

    On 6 September during Hallo Cultuur!, artist Gert41 will be unwrapping his art project for a live audience to give away the gems for those interested. Curious to see what is wrapped inside the packages? Join us between 15:00 - 17:00 for the dismantling of his installation with drinks & DJ's!

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