Speculation on Two Worlds in Crisis

  • A workshop on fictional world building by Monique Grimord 

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    A workshop on fictional world building by Monique Grimord

    What if nature’s data determines the stock market and the earth’s health determines prices?

    As a prelude of Economia festival artist-in-residence Monique Grimord will host a workshop on fictional world building on February 10th at Baltan Laboratories.

    You will be introduced into the methodology of fictional world building. Together with Grimord you will imagine artifacts, structures, interactions, and aesthetics of an alternative economy using collaborative world building, fictional characters, and design as performance.

    During her residency, Grimord has focused on the fictional world of TerraEconomics. In this world, the stock market is no longer determined by human supply and demand, but by an algorithm that calculates financial value corresponding with the health of the earth and the resources we extract from it. For Economia festival she develops a wearable, a tool for a financial speculator to read the earth’s data, a possible equivalent of stock markets. In this workshop, by using the fictional world building methodology, you will further inhabit the world of TerraEconomics.

    Participants will engage in a fictional timeline, initiated by one major event, Participants build characters in this world, imagine interactions between them, systems, confrontations and collaborations that may happen, and eventually choose one artifact that would exist in this world.

    About Monique Grimord
    Monique is an interactive designer and artist based in Amsterdam. She uses inventions as a story-telling device for brands, and design fictions as a method of cultural commentary. She is the co-founder of the creative collective Imagination of Things

    This workshop is organized in collaboration with Fictional Collective and Plug-in-City and part of the Circular Economy Residence.

    Date: February 10, 2017
    Time: 13:00 – 18:00
    Price: €22,50 / Student price €17,50

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