Workshop by Brett Scott, Paolo Cirio, Luce Goutelle

  • The Art of Financial Hacking - EU edition 

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    Exploring the cracks in the European financial regulatory.

    Taking place in various locations in Brussels

    In this extensive four-day workshop, Paolo Cirio, Brett Scott and Luce Goutelle will take you on a journey into the dark heart of finance, showcase previous investigations and interventions into the financial sector, and explore the cracks in the district of Brussels, the European financial regulatory. They will then guide you in building your own financial art-hacks.

    The financial sector often appears daunting and impenetrable to outsiders. We look on the huge skyscrapers and imagine bankers using obscure language and complex mathematical models to move money around the globe, influencing politicians and pulling strings behind closed doors. The sector, however, is far more permeable than it may seem, and since the financial crisis we have seen a rise in artists, activists and anthropologists intent on exploring the sector, looking for cracks and opportunities for interventions and creative alternatives. Can you build a hedge fund as a way to infiltrate into the inner workings of the sector, or can you design an algorithm that jams the traditional logic of markets? What about going undercover, or using the sector as the setting for installations or interactive theatre?

    The workshop welcomes all people with a curiosity in exploring finance and is aiming for a diversity of participants, e.g. adventurous artists, hackers, activists, performers, filmmakers, researchers, designers, students, and so on. Taking a deep dive into the world of finance and the city of Brussels, the financial heart of Europe, this event is a follow up from the workshop during Economia Festival organised by Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven.

    This event is co-organized by Baltan Laboratories and Unbewich Finance Lab with the support of Fund For Creative Industries NL, Finance Watch, Kaaitheater, Fairfin, La Bellone, Tragewegen and Corporate Europe Observatory.

    How to join?
    Tickets for the workshop can be purchased here. We will be able to host a maximum of 20 participants for the workshop. We ask a modest fee of 50 euros per person for 4 days to cover the minimal expenses. Please be aware that lunch and dinner are not included, and that lodging in Brussels should be arranged by participants individually. The price of this workshop should not be a drag on your participation. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact Luce.

    Download the full workshop description here.

    About the workshop leaders
    Paolo Cirio is a conceptual artist who works with legal, economic and semiotic systems of the information society. He investigates social fields impacted by the internet, such as privacy, copyright, democracy and finance. He shows his research and intervention-based works through artifacts, photos, installations, videos, and public art. Paolo Cirio has exhibited his work in museums and institutions around the globe and won numerous prestigious art awards.

    Brett Scott is a journalist, campaigner and the author of 'The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money' (2013). He works on financial reform, alternative finance and economic activism with a wide variety of NGOs, artists, students and start-ups, and writes for publications such as The Guardian, New Scientist, Wired Magazine and He is a Senior Fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab, an Associate at the Institute of Social Banking and an advisory group member of the Brixton Pound. He tweets as @suitpossum.

    Luce Goutelle is a theater director, curator and independent researcher. She works on the transformation of the social and economic structures of our society. Bordering on art, journalism and social science, her projects take the form of mysterious events, shows, stories, investigations and underground experiments in contexts as varied as the heights of a business tower, the reception of a hotel, the boards of a theater, a fountain of a park, a cafe, hair salon or a luxury yacht. She co-founded the company Loop-s in 2015 and the creative lab Unbewitch Finance in 2017.

    Economia: Methods for Reclaiming Economy
    20.4 5pm-7pm: La Bellone, Brussels.

    Economia is an exercise in stretching our thoughts about economy and society. The publication Methods for Reclaiming Economy focuses on a selection of ideas explored during Economia festival organised by Baltan Laboratories, containing contributions by international theorists, artists, biologists and hackers. With an open-ended and kaleidoscopic approach, the pulication features contributions by Josef Bares, Daniel de Bruin, Dan E. Burr, Paolo Cirio, Meredith Degyansky, Michael Goodwin, Monique Grimord, Ilan Katin, Thomas Kern, Nicholas McGuigan, Jennifer Lyn Morone, Mark van der Net, Brett Scott, Timothy Smith, UBERMORGEN, Pablo Velasco, Lenara Verle and Geerat Vermeij that show how we can shape new economic realities. The book consists of three different chapters, each with a distinctive focus from the artistic; the social and the biological domain to approach our economy. This event is kindly hosted by La Bellone.


    WE. 18.04
    Location: Kaaistudio's. 81 rue Notre Dame du Sommeil 1000 Bruxelles
    10am-4pm: Masterclass day 1 - introduction by Brett Scott, Paolo Cirio & Luce Goutelle
    5pm-6.30pm: Kaai Talks by Paolo Cirio & Brett Scott.
    (Extra option: 8.30pm: Performance The trial of Money by Christophe Meierhans)

    TH. 19.04
    Location: European District
    11am: Finance Lobby tour with Lora Verheecke (Corporate Europe Observatory) & Aline Fares (activist/ex-Finance Watch/ex-Dexia)
    2pm-7pm: Wild Walk in the European District of Brussels.

    FR. 20.04
    Location: World Trade Center, Brussels
    10am-4pm: Masterclass day 2 - by Brett Scott, Paolo Cirio & Luce Goutelle
    5pm-7pm : Methods for Reclaiming Economy | Debate & Economia book launch I La Bellone
    Event that aims to have a lively debate on how art can be tool for reshaping economy accompanied with the Economia Book Launch by Baltan Laboratories by Olga Mink and Wiepko Oosterhuis.

    SA. 21.04
    Location: World Trade Center, Brussels
    10am-4pm: Masterclass day 4 by Brett Scott, Paolo Cirio & Luce Goutelle.
    4pm: Immersive experience in the WTC (guided by Luce).
    5pm : Closing drinks


    SU. 22.04
    Abundance Dinner & Economia Book Launch event
    Location: Wall Street Eindhoven, Stadhuisplein 6
    The Abundance Dinner is a project in collaboration with Mediamatic (NL) and Arne Hendriks. During this event the book launch "Methods for Reclaiming Economy" will take place, accompanied with presentations by Paolo Cirio & Brett Scott.
    Tickets for this event need to be purchased separately, more info to be announced.

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