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    Different perspectives on big data

    A multi faceted conversation between various experts

    There is a lot to say about big data. Some will find it the next exciting revolution with huge chances for not only technological but also social innovation all over the world. Others will consider it as the new oil, a trade product to make profit instead of benefitting society.

    On October 24th, during Age of Wonderland and the Dutch Design Week, we will take a look at big and open data from different perspectives. Previously known as the 'Provocative Seminar', the Big Data/Big Dada Dialogues will enable a multi-faceted conversation between various experts and the international Age of Wonderland fellows.

    Guest speakers are Arne Hendriks (artist and curator Age of Wonderland), Julia Hoffmann (Programme Development Manager Transparency and Accountability at Hivos) and Nishant Shah (dean of Research at ArtEZ and professor at the Institute of Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany – to be confirmed).

    Futhermore our fellows (six creatives from across the globe working on individual projects revolving around the theme) will be there. You can expect us to announce more speakers soon.

    This event will be moderated by Lennart Booij (art historian, television producer and presenter).

    This year’s Age of Wonderland research fellows take on the challenge of sharing their perspectives on big and open data by laying out its potential, limits and pitfalls. During Dutch Design Week you will familiarise yourself with their research and meet the fellows during the main exhibition, the provocative seminar and the workshops.

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