The Body is a Movement

  • The Body is a Movement at BASE | Public Talk 

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    Baltan Laboratories & Onomatopee

    An afternoon talk about our relation with our bodies. While living in capitalist structures, our bodies became vehicles for profit. To be optimized for productivity and efficiency. These beautiful, astonishing, wondrous bodies of ours, capable of experiencing so much joy and excitement - how can we reclaim them?


    Erica Curci is an artist based in Milan. Her artistic research dialogues with the field of biology and the relative processes of animal and plant world, in order to find a connection between species. Analyzing the outermost layer of the human body, the skin, which at the same time separates us and connects us with the outside, she investigates the relationship between (human) bodies and microbes.

    Femke Hoppenbrouwer is a social designer and concept creator focussing on topics that, she thinks, remain unseen in society. She works around small details that tell big stories; and translates complicated issues into understandable and fun concepts.

    Laura Papke is an interdisciplinary artists based in the Netherlands. In her work she investigates heartbeat synchronisation. Laura explores this phenomenon using low-frequency sound. Her vision is to cultivate communal well-being by crafting experiences that foster deeper connections.

    Yeon Sung 연성, artist-researcher based in Rotterdam and South Korea. Her artistic practice is centered on the critical examination of colonial dynamics at the intersection of sociopolitics, environment, and technology through the lens of non-human beings. Weaving a non-Eurocentric narrative with DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) tactics through accessible technology and bodily engagement, she experiments artistic practice as a means of decolonial method.


    Cecilia Casabona is an independent curator and an interdisciplinary designer, collaborating with Onomatopee as Associate Curator, a culturehouse in Eindhoven (NL) with an exhibition space, publishing house, and RISO workshop. Cecilia’s practice/research focuses on collective strategies of thinking and “doing otherwise” with a particular interest in the notion of productivity in the neoliberal West.

    Lorenzo Gerbi is a designer, curator and educator based in Eindhoven (NL). He is the co-director of Baltan Laboratories, a cultural indisciplinary lab focusing on societal issues through a relational approach, creating spaces to rehearse living otherwise.

    The Body is a Movement is developed by Baltan Laboratories and Onomatopee and it is supported by the embassy and consulate-general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy.

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