Infrastructures for Participation Exhibition

  • The Future of Strijp-S: Exhibition 

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    A multimedia installation exploring the (re)production of identity, behavior and social relationships in urban space

    From November 1 until December 15, designers Roberto Pérez Gayo and Gabriel .A. Maher were living and working in Eindhoven to explore ways to transform Strijp-S into a more reflexive and participatory urban space. On the 6th of March, Baltan Laboratories will open up the doors to an exhibition in which the designers will share the findings and results of this residency.

    6th March, 17:30h | Opening of the Exhibition
    Currently the exhibition is closed due to the COVID19 regulations.
    Beginning of May | Online Publication Presentation

    Baltan Laboratories, Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven
    Free entrance

    Pictures of the exhibition by Barbara Medo

    The gentrification and commercialization of public space, the convergence of urban and media space and the use of information and algorithmic technologies in cities has been rapidly developing in the last years. To understand the impact that such processes have on the identities, behaviours and relationships of inhabitants it is not sufficient to problematize current cultural or political debates. Instead, it is crucial to understand the role of design in the development of contemporary urban space.
    Designers Roberto Pérez Gayo and Gabriel .A. Maher explored this in their 6-week residency organised by Baltan Laboratories and St. Trudo. Through anthropological and design research methodologies they deconstructed, visualized and physicalized the different design strategies, technologies and processes at play. They examined the role of urban infrastructures in affecting and orienting behaviour in Strijp-S, and the power relationships that arise in this context. In the process, the designers have involved key stakeholders and community members of Strijp-S such as organizations, inhabitants, students and urban planners.

    In this exhibition, Gayo and Maher present their research and results to the public. Building upon ‘projection’ - understood both as an architectural medium for representation and organization, as well as an act of speculation, and imagination - the designers will present ‘Infraestructures for Participation’. This multimedia installation explores the relationship of infrastructures with the (re)production of identities, behaviours and social relationships in urban space.

    About the designers
    As a collaborative duo of designers, with interdisciplinary backgrounds in architecture, social design, interaction design and diversity work, their practice center on critical, analytical and participatory approaches to design and research. Their work considers the effects of design and designing on bodies and the shaping of identity. Operating from queer and intersectional frameworks, they investigate relationships between bodies and spaces and examine the technologies and infrastructures that participate in their construction. Their collaborative work has focused in recent years on public space and architectural hybrids where computational technologies, media, and architecture meet. Roberto Pérez Gayo | Gabriel .A. Maher

    The Future of Strijp-S
    This exhibition is part of the residency trajectory ‘The Future of Strijp-S’, organized by Baltan Laboratories and Trudo . Baltan and Trudo have established this residency on the future of housing and urban development to stimulate crossovers and experimentation, as well as to initiate new collaborations. The program acts as a driver for talent development for professional creatives, with a focus on social issues.

    Exhibition Credits
    Roberto Pérez Gayo and Gabriel .A. Maher [concept, research, exhibition & publication], with the support of Marta Rios Piza [data collection & field research assistant]

    Thom Aussems [Former Trudo Director], Angelique Spaninks [Director MU Art Space], Tim Kouthoofd [Plug-in City], Pieter van Wesemael [Professor of Urbanism and Urban Architecture (UUA) at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)], Mariska Louman [Living Lab | Senior Adviseur Wonen + Innovatie at Gemeente Eindhoven], Alex Jansen [Woonbedrijf], Alwin Beernink [Projectmanager Gemeente Eindhoven & Director Park Strijp Beheer], Appie Louwers [Loftbewoner-S | Neighbours Strijp-S], Bauke de Vries [Chair of Information Systems in the Built Environment (ISBE) group, and Full Professor and in the Department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)], Appie Louwers [Loftbewoner-S | Neighbours Strijp-S], Olga Mink [Director of Baltan Laboratories], Thijs van Dieren [Park Strijp Beheer], Koen Snoeckx [Former director Baltan Laboratories & Founder of Lucinus], Jack Hoch [Trudo].

    Participatory Research Event
    Adi Ticho, Bianca Carague, Charly Blödel, Daniel Parnitzke, Matilde Patuelli, Roberta Di Cosmo, Sun Yichun, Mark Wang, Yun-Ting Chou, Anna Jakob, Qiaochu Guo, Manon Aubry, Samein Shamsher, Serina Tarkhanian, Marta Rios Piza, Coline Declef, Alina Natalia Słup, Anna Iversen [Students of Social Design Masters | 2nd Year | Design Academy Eindhoven]

    Exhibition Image Credits
    Designers adaptation of the postcard ‘Netherlands Holland Eindhoven’ (Gebr. Spanjersberg), featuring ‘Trudo Vertical Forest’ (Stefano Boeri Architetti), ‘Sixty5’ (Diederendirrix Architecten), ‘The Fizz’ (KENK Architecten), NEXT (BINST Architects) & ‘Strijp-S BioMakery’ (Biopolus).

    More information
    This project is part of Baltans Homo Socialis topic. Within this topic we explore the tension between individualism and our deep human desire to be part of a community.

    This project is a collaboration between Baltan Laboratories and Trudo and is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Provincie Noord-Brabant and Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.

    With Special Thanks to:
    The vibrant and generous community of Plug-In City, for all their support and inspiration along the way.

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