• The value of toilet paper in the wake of a global pandemic 

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    Seen though the lens of #Instagram

    An exhibition by Siyoung Yang

    In the wake of the global pandemic, toilet paper became one of the most sold regular commodities, and with that it became a symbol of human instinctive weakness and selfishness. The exhibition by Siyoung Yang is an artistic commentary on this iconic moment of 2020.

    Designer Siyoung Yang observed how the changing value of toilet paper, propelled by social media, triggered a wave of social commentary worldwide. By replicating a series of luxury items through hand-sewing techniques, Siyoung created objects to capture the key points of this online debate. The installation captures this iconic/ironic moment of the 2020 pandemic and invites visitors to experience a social media landscape by exploring digitised and physical objects in a do-it-yourself blue screen studio setting.

    The project is based on Siyoung’s previous work 'Post-Replica, Post-Image,' an ongoing exploration into how physical objects have become like images, and images have become like physical objects, and what this means for digital consumers. By engaging in acts of replication using digital media and material craftsmanship, designer Siyoung enhances the tension between the real and the physical. With this exhibition Siyoung invites the audience to use objects as a means of commentary in a world which values digital representation over the material.

    The exhibition is developed in collaboration with Bygg Architecture & Design

    About the designer:
    Siyoung Yang (1994) is a conceptual designer/ artist based in Seoul (KR) and Eindhoven (NL). She obtained her with MA Social Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven. She is interested in reflecting social phenomena and translating this into a visual language. Combining contemporary issues with hands-on practices Yang creates alternative voices by perpetuating societal, political, ecological matters.

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