Tiger Penis Project Exhibition

  • Tiger Penis Project Exhibition 

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    Bringing non-western perspectives to speculative design scenarios.

    Many cultures have their own systems of alternative medicine, whose effectiveness cannot always be proven according to contemporary scientific analysis. They are usually regarded as mere cultural myths, such as the use of the tiger penis to increase virility in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    The huge demand for wild animals in Traditional Chinese Medicine poses a threat to endangered species. In this project Kuang-Yi explores if Traditional Chinese Medicine can bring benefits beyond mainstream western medicine? Is there a way to resolve the conflict between health, culture, and environmental conservation through a new interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine?

    Bringing non-western perspectives to speculative design scenarios, the Tiger Penis Project proposes the use of emerging biotechnologies to create artificial animal parts for Chinese medicine. Combining western and Chinese medicine and technologies, this new hybrid medicine prevents the further destruction of both animals and traditional cultures, and provides more possibilities for the coexistence of human society and the natural environment. Designer Kuang-Yi Ku will show the In the Tiger Penis Project as a lab setup, which can be used for creating hybrid animal parts, as well as an installation showcasing various manmade animal parts.

    Read also our report on the initial collaboration with Kuang-Yi on the Speculative Future Clinic of Chinese Medicine at Baltan Laboratories.

    About Kuang-Yi Ku
    Kuang-Yi Ku was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and is recently based in the Netherlands. He has graduated with triple master degrees with Social Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, dentistry from National Yang-Ming University and communication design from Shih Chien University. He is a practising dentist, a bio-artist and a social designer. He also co-founded TW BioArt (Taiwan bio art community) to stimulate the fields of BioArt and Science+Art in Taiwan. He has won the 1st prize of Taipei Digital Art Awards in 2015 with “The Fellatio Modification Project”, where he involves body modification, gender studies, queer theories, and dentistry all together. His work often deals with the human body, sexuality, interspecies interaction and medical technology, aiming to investigate the relationships among technology, individual and environment.

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