Glow Next 2013

  • Unexpected Laser Components 

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    An experiment carrying the labels poisonous, high voltage, biohazard and laser hazard: that's Unexpected Laser Components. Don’t let this scare you, audience safety is ensured. Here you can see with your own eyes what’s the effect of a self-made laser, without the intervention of a laser manufacturer.

    With a lot of noise and odor this type of laser produces a beam invisible to the eye, that is converted into visible light by organic substances. These recognizable substances, that you would usually not associate with laser light, produce a color spectacle. The high voltage at which the laser operates, creates a mixture of plasma and sparks, with the corresponding sound and the unmistakable smell of ozone. The setup appeals to all senses, but also reflect on the limits of the experiment. How far can we go in using organic, biological, maybe even living materials for lighting purposes?

    BioArt Laboratories is a laboratory at the intersection of Art and Biology, specifically Ecology and the Life Sciences. The last two decades, developments in these fields have increased dramatically. Developments that provide a wide range of new materials, techniques and applications. BioArt Laboratories is a initiative that aims to make this progress and its implications the collective responsibility of society.

    From November, 9th to 16th 2013, the city center of Eindhoven turns into a forum of interventions, installations and events based on the phenomena of artificial light. GLOW NEXT takes place at Strijp-S and specifically focusses on the experimental aspects of light and innovation through the meeting of art and technology by presenting an eclectic mix of prototypes, workshops, in- and outdoor installations and talks. More information here:

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