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  • Universal Species Referendum 

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    A workshop by Cerrato-Halls

    Location: KEVN, Kelderman en van Noort

    What would the world look like if all species had the same rights and liberties as citizens in Western Europe? On the 28th of September we will explore a world where all species could vote.

    Reflecting on the change to society that universal suffrage created in the 20th century, this fictional scenario asks participants to play as different species and vote for a world that they would like to live in. In a global referendum, we will discuss topics ranging from climate change to rights and liberties. Universal Species Referendum is developed by studio Cerrato-Halls, who will guide the event.

    Cerrato-Halls is a collaboration between Jaione Cerrato and Jon Halls. Through a multidisciplinary approach, their collaborative practice focuses on subjects relating to the concept of value and its creation in contemporary society. They believe that the creative thought, potential inclusivity, and visual capabilities of art can help define the path forward for our society.

    This event is organized in the context of the GREEN project that is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. The Green Revisited: Encountering Emerging Naturecultures (GREEN) project aims for critical discussions, artistic interventions and transcultural dialogue addressing the complexity of our relations with the environment and fostering new discourses on “naturecultures” capable of overcoming the dualism between the human and nature.

    Date: 28 September, 17:00 – 19:00
    Free Entrance – registration via eventbrite
    Location: KEVN a.k.a. Kelderman en van Noort
    Address: Galileistraat 2, Eindhoven

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