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  • Wanted: Wedding testers for High Tech wedding ceremony 

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    Join our Wedding Lab during DDW19!

    The Wedding lab explores alternatives for marriage in the 21st century.

    Baltan Laboratories is looking for couples who want to be part of our wedding lab during the Dutch Design Week. The wedding lab is a High Tech wedding experience developed by Baltan Laboratories together with artists Lancel/Maat. This project explores the concept of marriage in the 21st century. If you and your partner or friend, would like to be one of the first wedding lab testers, we want to hear from you! We give away 10 test-weddings for free!

    The wedding lab is a temporary testing ground where love and technology converge. When kissing, the wedding couples’ brain activity is measured with EEG sensors. Two unique data patterns of the wedding kiss are materialized and 3d printed in two (wedding) rings. This is your chance to join and test with us, how it feels to marry your loved one in a High Tech ritual.

    The Wedding lab playfully explores alternatives for marriage contracts and new ways to celebrate love and intimacy. This test marriage has not yet a legal status. In the future this new wedding ritual may become legal.

    To do so, we want to involve people from different backgrounds and gender identities, including Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, Queer, Polyamorous, Pansexual and Heterosexuals to join our wedding lab. The wedding lab takes place during DDW from 24 October - 27 October 2019. Testing is only possible during DDW 2019.

    To get the love vibe going we offer a unique opportunity! The first 10 testers will get the Brainwave wedding experience for free. Share this call via Facebook/Instagram and let us know what love means to you by using #weddinglab #weddingtest #lovetech @BaltanLaboratories @DDW. We will notify you about a free ticket!

    Watch the video of the Brainwave wedding.

    Joining the wedding lab and the Brainwave wedding ritual will come with some additional costs for production and materials. We ask 20,- Euro per ritual, which takes 30 minutes. This price doesn't include the 3D printed rings. Stay tuned for the registration to open.

    A. Please note that subscribing together with someone is mandatory.
    B. By joining the wedding lab you agree to be filmed/photographed.
    C. We invite participants to discuss ideas and share opinions with us afterwards.
    D. Your brainwave activity while kissing is translated into two 3d printed rings. The rings will be ready the same day.

    Concept by Lancel/Maat & Baltan Laboratories
    Video editing and production: Corradino Garofalo & Gabrielle Mariotti
    Actors: Dewi de Brouwer, Alexander Zimmerman
    3D design: Vincent Hoenderop
    Thanks to : Van Abbemuseum & Lay3rs 3Dprinting and Ultimaker


    Video Brainwave wedding

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