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  • We Are Human Rights 

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    Design supporting human rights defenders

    ‘We Are Human Rights’ is a collaboration between seven designers and seven human rights defenders. Together they are tackling the issues that human rights defenders face in their practice and life. This cross-over of discipline investigates how design can support human rights defenders in Burundi, Colombia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Mexico, Sudan and Russia.

    ‘We Are Human Rights’ shows an array of design methodologies that emerge in approaching human rights issues. The projects show how design engages with other disciplines. How can we make shared truths? How is media staged? How to empathise with strangers? How to break anonymity?

    In the Spring of 2018, the seven human rights defenders were hosted in The Netherlands by the Foundation Justice and Peace Netherland, through their initiative Shelter City. At Baltan Laboratories four of these collaborations are shown: Triangulating Evidence by Kornelia Dimitrova and Lottie; Refracting Propagandas by Maxime Benvenuto and Valentina; How I became an ally, from not giving a shit by Daeun Lim and Francis; and Afterimage by Jella Lena van Eck and Lucia.

    About Foundation We Are
    Foundation We Are is a consulting design agency working together with experts to innovate. They use collaborative design in order to transform social and legal systems. By combining design thinking with expertise, they generate proposals and projects that bring innovation at different societal scales: neighbourhood, city, country and trans-national institutions.

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