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    We are delighted to announce the opening of the temporary exhibition, "Windows & MacBooks" featuring the new series of paintings by artist Niels Egidius. The exhibition will be on view from June 2nd to September 2nd in our expo space at Natlab, Eindhoven. Join us on June 2nd from 19:00 to 21:30 as we celebrate the unveiling of Niels Egidius' latest autonomous work.

    In this new series of paintings, Niels Egidius plays around with the idea of an image carrier. Though the title refers directly to computers, it is actually about the canvas. Niels plays around with the conceptual meaning of a painting by using different frameworks and see-throughs for his painted scenes. In addition to his own studio practice, Niels Egidius frequently engages in collaborations with creatives such as The Ruggeds, Segraphy, and Woody & Paul. Moreover, he delivers commissioned works for fritz-kola, HKU, and contributes to the esteemed partnership of Ron Blaauw x thuisbezorgd.
    Most of Niels’ paintings are about nature and natural phenomena, reinterpreted through his fascination for it. He strives for a first-hand experience of nature that could overwhelm our senses, reviving the Romantic concept of sublime. His paintings originates from a memory of this kind of encounters with nature, which is enriched with the feelings evoked by it in his translation on the canvas. Though, he often gets inspired by watching captured images, videos and movies too. Switching from the first-hand experience to a screen-based one generates a friction between nature and its representation and this discrepancy is what this series explores. Could a screen function in the same way as a painting? And what does a frame do to a painted scene?

    To Niels, a painting is a portal into another world—a window into another place and time that stops it, creating the pretext to slow down, be in the moment and really look. A moment of contemplation that is put at risk in our screen-based society.

    About the artist
    Niels Egidius (1991) is a visual artist from Eindhoven. 
    Niels paints worlds in which you can disappear and which exudes a mysterious atmosphere. His work is evocative and often is in between dream and reality. 

    Website | www.nielsegidius.com
    Instagram | @nielsegidius

    Opening Hours at Natlab
    Monday to Thursday | 12:00 – 23:00
    Friday and Saturday | 12.00 – 24:00
    Sunday | 12:00 – 22:00

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