Avoiding The Brick by Marco Pagan

  • Workshop: Avoiding The Brick by Marco Pagan 

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    Tools for Resistance is part of Baltan’s year program Technologies Otherwise

    In Tools for Resistance, Baltan invites artists and designers to host workshops on resisting the current technological paradigm of designed opacity and planned obsolescence. In five workshops, we reclaim technology by opening it up, hacking it, training it and exploring open-source software and hardware alternatives. In these workshops we will collaborate with local communities as well, that’s why this kick off will take place in Buurthuis de Buut. Baltan invited artist Marco Pagan for this first session with his Android workshop ‘Avoiding the Brick’.

    About the workshop
    During the workshop we will investigate modding from different perspectives: starting with framing the movement in a broader context of hacker activism, we will explore different ways of modifying an Android smartphone. We will go through the main concepts and steps required to mod a phone, analysing the possibilities and implications of installing custom software on a device.

 Since 2009, groups of independent developers have been developing modified software for Android smartphones and distributing it for free in specialized forums. The purpose of this practice is to offer software support and counterbalance market trends such as planned obsolescence or the system privatization, used as a way to fuel trade and consumption.

 Avoiding the Brick is a project that consists of an essay, video lectures that analyze the movement, and a workshop focused on modding practice.

    Event and Tickets Info
    Location: Buurthuis de Buut
 | Address: Hoefkestraat 42A Eindhoven
    Tickets: €10 (students ticket) | €14 (standard ticket)
    Event capacity: 10 people
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    About the artist
    Marco Pagan (1998) is an Italian graphic/information designer based in the Netherlands. He holds a MA in Information Design from Design Academy Eindhoven. His practice intersects coding and graphic design to produce both print and digital contents, developing custom tools to manipulate data and generate designs. Since he was a teenager he was interested in horizontal ways of learning, running different online tutorials series about hacking and design. He got involved in collective teaching experiences around Italy, providing design tools and knowledge for local communities. Now he teaches at HKU in Utrecht (NL) and collaborates with design studios between Italy and the Netherlands.

Technologies Otherwise
    Tools for Resistance is part of Baltan’s year program Technologies Otherwise, which attempts to unpack, redefine and ultimately foster a healthier relationship with the technologies surrounding us. The programme explores two different directions to inform alternative technological futures, focusing on the material aspect of technology and the new stories we should create to guide the imaginations of plural technologies. Let us restart and do technology otherwise: open it up, unscrew it, dissect its materials, and rethink the narratives behind it. Let us reclaim our imaginative power and develop new stories that could inspire this process.

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