Workshop by Miss Milivolt

  • Deep Mapping with Sound 

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    A workshop about the importance of sound for the city. Do you ever take the time to listen to the city? What influence does sound have on life in the city? In this workshop sound artist Miss Milivolt will teach you to listen to your surroundings in a different way. You’ll get to understand the city in another way by focusing on sounds.

    In the workshop, you will learn about deep mapping and how it can be used to understand the city in a different, more complete way. The workshop is focused on sound and its importance in our experience of our surroundings. Miss Milivolt will share her methodology for creating a sound map of an environment. By walking around Strijp-S you’ll create your very own sound map of the area.

    There is a limited number of places available, if you are interested in joining this workshop please send us a mail.

    About Miss Milivolt
    Miss Milivolt is an Eindhoven-based audiovisual artist and educator in music, art and technology. Her main artistic objective is to create multidisciplinary experiences in order to stretch the boundaries of perception, embracing the extremes of the audible spectrum. To achieve this she composes experiences, installations, soundwalks, objects and concepts.

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