Workshop Marco Donnarumma & Ana Rajcevic

  • SENTIENT MACHINES: Human-Machine Configurations 

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    Code and design of AI robotic prostheses

    Investigating change in the human bodily experience

    A workshop on the radical potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with robotics to change human bodily experience. Together with artist Marco Donnarumma and designer Ana Rajcevic, participants will work on prototypes of prostheses driven by neural networks - artificial intelligence algorithms capable of generating movement behaviours and respond to their physical environment. Participants will build and program prototypes inspired by Marco Donnarumma’s skin-cutting robot Amygdala.

    In the process, participants will gain knowledge of the foundational principles of neurorobotics and prosthesis design, including coding of neural networks on portable computers and design of biomorphic wearable robots with medical, orthopaedics and arts-grade materials. On Friday we will start with a short introduction on the project and workshop. Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to programming and designing the prostheses. The group will use a state-of-the-art neurorobotics design platform called Behaviour Design Environment, created by Prof. Manfred Hild, Donnarumma's scientific partner who leads the Neurorobotics Research Lab at Beuth University, Berlin.

    Results of the workshop will be exhibited as part of The Restlessness of Hybridity exhibition, alongside Marco Donnarumma’s Amygdala MK3, at Baltan Laboratories in the Natlab.

    Please note that to participate to this workshop, either a background in design or in computer science (at least basic computer programing knowledge) is required. 

    **Date: 16-18 March
    Time: Friday 16 March: 19:00 – 21:00, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March: 10:00 – 18:00
    Tickets: €50 / students €40 - Early bird tickets: SOLD OUT.

    About Marco Donnarumma’s “Configurations” project
    This workshop is part of “Configurations”, an ongoing, large-scale 2-year project led by Marco Donnarumma unleashing the links between AI robotics, ritual performance and art. This art & science research project combines the realisation of artworks and performances with the delivery of workshops to general and specialised audiences, with the goal to open up critical questions about the relation of human bodies and “intelligent” machines.

    “Configurations” is part of the Graduiertenschule, Berlin University of the Arts, and its various outcomes are supported by Einstein Stiftung (DE), Goethe-Institut (DE), CTM Festival (DE), Chronus Art Center (CN), alongside Baltan Laboratories (NL). The project is made possible by a close collaboration with the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory (DE) and Ana Rajcevic Studio (DE/UK).

    An artist-in-residence series that focusses on the relationship between technology and the human body. In 2018, Baltan Laboratories, together with Robot Love invites artists to work on their project during the residency. Marco Donnarumma is the first artist invited for this series. SENTIENT MACHINES is part of Baltan Laboratories’ Hack the Body topic. More information about Marco Donnarumma’s SENTIENT MACHINES residency.



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