• Age of Wonderland 2017: 100 days of learning 

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    Posted: 13 February 2017

    Ready for takeoff!

    We are happy to announce our plans for this years’ Age of Wonderland! The 2017 edition takes place throughout the whole year, facilitating 100 DAYS OF LEARNING all over the world in order to contribute to new ways of knowledge sharing and global social innovation.


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    One hundred people are invited to share knowledge and experiences that they feel have been essential to them, and could have the same effect on others. Their perspectives will be translated into transferrable acts or tools, so others (you) can re-enact, copy, execute, experience, personalise or hack them. In this way 100 Days of Learning promotes the exchange of earned wisdom, the sharing of inspiration and the building of trust.

    Where things are coming together
    For the last three years Age of Wonderland aimed for the increase of collaborations between creatives from the global north and south. By creating a space for co-operation, we were able to create new and fruitful collaborations and emphasize the importance of including knowledge from all corners of the world, if we are to deal seriously with global challenges. The 2017 edition of Age of Wonderland is all about developing methods, tools and ideas for knowledge transfer, based on commonalities rather than potential differences.

    What sets this edition apart from previous years (which were located in the Dutch city of Eindhoven) is that we are not constrained by time and space. Instead we are inviting artists, researchers, front-runners, social entrepreneurs and designers to take part in 100 Days of Learning, executing their contribution within their own city, country or somewhere else, at any time throughout the whole year. There will be days of learning organised during the World Design Expo (21-29 October in Eindhoven), and through the 4 Hivos regional offices in Nairobi, Harare, Costa Rica and Jakarta. Additionally, days will be linked to programmes at both Baltan Laboratories and Hivos.

    Embrace yourself (and your knowledge)
    100 Days of Learning encourages us to embrace different types of knowledge by looking at the many ways we learn and obtain knowledge. It is also about not knowing, about unlearning what you (think you) already know. So the focus will be less on sharing ‘educational knowledge’ which is taught at schools and universities, but rather on the knowledge and experiences that have had significant impact on daily or personal lives in a positive way and have given tools to connect in a better way to others and our planet.

    Age of Wonderland fosters an informal, personal approach to authentic learning. By learning together, teachers will be students and students will be teachers. This process can be adopted by other partners involved in the Age of Wonderland programme. This distributed learning will evolve to grow new, strong global networks, contributing to social innovation worldwide. So actually after 100 days of learning, the teaching truly begins!

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