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    Posted: 22 March 2018

    Celebrating four years of global social innovation

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    It’s a wrap, four years Age of Wonderland has come to an end! Baltan Laboratories, Hivos and Dutch Design Foundation joined forces to create the Age of Wonderland programme, a response to the wicked problems and outdated systems in society.

    Age of Wonderland facilitated tailor-made collaborations between creative innovators in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and practitioners within The Netherlands. The programme is built on the premise that we need a more robust collaboration between creative makers and thinkers from all over the world.

    During the four year programme, artists and designers from all over the world explored ideas, shared their perspectives and developed prototypes together with other creative professionals and with visitors of Dutch Design Week and the World Design Event. The online publication reflects on the outcomes of this multiple year trajectory and its role as a changemaker, a platform for co-creation and exchange of knowledge.

    We hope you will enjoy the publication as much as we do! Download it for free.


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