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    Posted: 5 December 2023

    This third event of AI in the Hood was focused on a specific case study of the neighborhood as a result of the former workshop. Architects, teachers, social designers and neighbors from the Rochusbuurt discussed their vision and ideas about a little square called Rochushofje.

    Part 1:
    We started with a welcome and explanation of the setup of the workshop.
    Lorenzo gave a little recap about last workshops (AI in the Hood 1 + 2) and manifesto (desires for the Rochusbuurt) presenting the AI-outputs of the neighbourhood and city that participants made with the Ai-tool Nightcafe.

    Followed by an introduction to the session, the Good Public Space Assessment (GPSA) method and opening of the UrbanistAI-webapp on smartphones by Humankind. In this introduction participants learned about how to look at a public space with the different human values and interests from a design perspective. This to engage participants but also to create a collective mindset for the use of the space. We focussed on a specific area/square in the neighbourhood as a case study and collected ideas and designs to be presented to the local government and social housing corporation.

    Part 2:
    We went to visit the location outside. Participants used Humankind's tools to assess the quality of the space according to the GPSA method. 
    Participants walked outside and answered the questions listed in Humankind’s tools. At the same time, they took pictures of the space/square to work with during the AI redesign process. 

    The new tool by UrbanistAI is specially designed for public space / city design. It was very easy to use and gave high quality AI modified pictures of the specific area with the wishes of the participants.

    Part 3:
    In this part we discussed challenges, needs and wishes for the area.
    Using a template participants analysed the results of the GPSA Space Assessments. From there they create ideas about things in the public space that need improvement or should be kept in the redesign. 

    Part 4:
    Public Space Reimagined: Using AI.
    Using the UrbanistAI tool on their phones, participants generated redesigned ideas for the previously assessed public space. They use pictures of the assessed space they took themselves during the space assessment activity. 

    Part 5:
    Wrap up (Plenary)
    The group shared results and discussed action points. 
    After having generated their favourite image participants reflected on the redesign and what it could mean for the future. They presented the results to one another. 

    During the event all (small) group discussions were recorded. These recordings were used by Dembrane AI, a new AI-community tool developed to record discussions and take highlights and action points out of those. Next to that, the participants could also ask specific questions to the AI generator about the topics they discussed. This was a fun and useful way to have a recap of the discussions during the workshop. The tool was presented by Evelien Nieuwenburg from Dembrane AI.

    At the end of the event we had drinks and snacks to get to know each other better and to continue the previous conversations.


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