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    Posted: 30 January 2023

    Unlocking the potential of Crypto Art and other technological tools for the European creative industry, regions and society.

    ARTeCHÓ - Art, Economy & Technology - Unleashing the potential of Crypto Art and other tech tools for European creative industry, regions and society is a European initiative created by five European institutions: SERN - Startup Europe Regions Network, Baltan Laboratories (Netherlands), FZC-Etopia Center for Art & Technology (Spain), Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (Germany) and MEET Digital Cultural Center (Italy). ARTeCHÓ is funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe Programme.

    The main goal of ARTeCHÓ is to create a peer-to-peer learning community for artists to learn more about the technical side of the art-making process and its intersection with new technologies, Crypto Art, blockchain, and NFT marketplaces. To do so, ARTeCHÓ will be launching in the coming weeks a European call for participants to select 15 artists and designers to join a 7-month Fellowship Program consisting of a blended approach with online meetings, training, mentorship, inspirational sessions, and a 2-week physical residency.

    The underlying approach of the fellowship is to explore these decentralised technologies while being critical towards their economic and ecological implications. Furthermore, the intention is to artistically expand the decentralisation topic beyond the technological aspect.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming call for participants!

    More info here: ARTeCHÓ website


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