• Baltan Laboratories appoints Freddy Paul Grunert as new artistic advisor 

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    Posted: 2 December 2020

    For the upcoming year 2021, Baltan is excited to announce that Freddy Paul Grunert will be joining Baltan as its new artistic advisor. Freddy has an extensive background as an artist, advisor and curator internationally. Baltan Laboratories and Grunert will closely collaborate to further the development of the artistic program of the lab and its international relations.

    Olga Mink, director of Baltan Laboratories is looking forward to working with Freddy Paul Grunert. The role of artistic advisor is to support the organization in generating ideas that increase the value of Baltan’s research projects and to offer recommendations and constructive criticism. Based on his individual expertise, Baltan will be able to expand on new research topics and future collaboration possibilities.

    Freddy Paul Grunert gained extensive experience in curating international Art-Science exhibitions and research trajectories. He is an artist and was both associate curator at ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe (1992-2017) and curator in the JRC_European Commission for the SciArt Initiative.

    From the XLV Venice Bienniale multimedia installation Xenografia (1993) he launched a series of cross researches into new media art, philosophy and physics, presented in several festivals all around the world.

    He was engaged in political activity, cultural advisory in Strasbourg at The Council of Europe and the Brussels European Parliament. He is involved in the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and Rio. Furthermore he runs a Scientist in Residence Program at ZKM.

    With the new advisor, Baltan aims to further interrogate the international field of ArtScience and the development of innovative and cross-disciplinary collaborations, both locally and internationally.

    Picture credit: Daniel Trudu


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