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    Posted: 13 June 2017

    Surprise yourself with these particles

    In no particular order

    Particle. Noun. 1. A minute portion of matter. [Physics] - a particle is defined as any of numerous subatomic constituents of the physical world that interact with each other, including electrons, neutrinos, photons, and alpha particles. [Mathematics] - a hypothetical object having mass but no physical size.

    Baltan Particles is a new mini-blog in which we showcase a selection of five recommendations of (according to us) thought-bending artworks/inventions/videos/talks/books that deserve a second glance.


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    Economia is the festival of

    They will link to one of the topics Baltan is working with: Social Innovation, Human – Technology relationships and Economics. We’re aiming to create new associations, expand the frame of reference and to inspire. Perfect food for thought on a rainy day, at the campsite this summer or on your sofa.

    In the wake of Economia festival, we will join Régine Debatty (We Make Money Not Art) and provide you with a list of five (short) films to watch. This list is based on Régine’s post ‘Short Films about Finance’ linking to content that can be watched online for free.

    1. Before the Nation Went Bankrupt - Nathaniel Sullivan.
      Before the Nation Went Bankrupt tells the story of the financial crisis through the fictional love letters that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon wrote to his wife, daughter, mistress 1, mistress 2, etc. He writes these messages as the financial crisis is about to change the world.

    2. Century of the Self - Adam Curtis.
      The Century of the Self is a 2002 tv-documentary series by Adam Curtis. Episode one, Happiness Machines, exposes how Sigmund Freud’s theories were used by PR gurus and politicians to manipulate the masses.

    3. Logorama - Francois Alaux
      Logorama is a clever action-packed film told entirely through the use of more than 2,500 brand logos and mascots. Ronald McDonald is the villain, Michelin Men play the cops, the Green Giant is in charge of security at the zoo, etc.

    4. Prologue - Béla Tarr
      Prologue is part of 'Visions of Europe', a 25-film anthology made by film directors from the EU. Prologue is Hungarian film director Béla Tarr's sharp and remarkably poignant view of Europe.

    5. Casus Belli - Yorgos Zois

    People standing in line; all in order. Everyone is starving for something: products, entertainment, religion, art, money. But in the last queue they are all starving for… food. It’s the queue of personal survival. If the food ends, then disorder begins. And if one man falls, we all fall down.

    Read the full post by Régine Debatty at WeMakeMoneyNotArt.

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