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    Posted: 25 July 2019

    Meet our occupants!

    Since the beginning of July a selected group of four officially occupy the lab until the end of September. They are free to put our facilities, knowledge and community to work to work on their personal projects. The Baltan team and community manager provide support to make sure the Occupants are getting the best out of this special work environment.

    The diverse group consists of Cécile Espinasse, Stéphane LAB, Luis Ferrera and Piet de Koning and will cover the fields of social design, industrial design and fictional design. They will work on software programming, coding, education, drawing and printing, gardening, VR and eye-tracking. We'll introduce each of the occupants below!

    Cécile Espinasse (FR)
    Cécile is a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate (2019). She is developing a research-based practice that is contextualized and embodied, as if she was on an on-going artistic residence. She is very curious and likes to engage with people she has little in common with; she developed her own tools to get included, while remaining foreign. Food is one of these tools. You could call her a kind-hearted disturber. In her current project at Ergon she researches how to reconnect urban citizens with urban nature via the service of the public gardeners. She is using drawing and printing techniques to reflect and interact with her research.

    Stéphane LAB (FR/GP)
    Stéphane considers design as a medium for searching and materializing innovative ways to act and experience the world. He is currently working on a speculative city where everything is based on a transient mentality and where nothing is owned permanently. He goes from low-key material experiments, social experiments, film-making, vr-experience design, costume design and design-props. In addition to this he is developing a specific writing system for the pursuit movement of the eyes with the help of tracking technology and a didactic methodology for teaching how to write with the eyes.

    Luis Ferrera (PT)
    Luis is using technology to build memorable experiences. His focus is on software development but doesn't want his projects to be confined to a screen, he prefers if they live in the real world and interact with our senses. Simultaneously Luis is developing his creative coding skills, and he wants to help other designers achieve their ideas without compromising. His own projects range from colour-generating wearables, speaker design, interpretation of programming concepts through generative art, to community activation through a physical and online public whiteboard.

    Piet de Koning (NL)
    Piet states that abstraction connects us to a reality beyond language. He explores abstraction in his design, wherein a unified aesthetic gives handles to different types of users, from kids to designers, to talk about the same abstract concepts. As a designer, he sees himself as one of the engineers, not directly present in intention. `I know not what will happen between user, design and environment. In creating open-ended systems I acknowledge and exploit this unknowability as the core of the design process; the lack of definition requires user and design as extensions of each other. The user is the architect, host and visitor.´

    Keep up to date of the Occupants' activities through our social media channels, and don't hesitate to contact us to get in touch with them!


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