• Baltan Residency: Cnidarian Economics by Ianis Dobrev 

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    Posted: 29 November 2022

    Cnidarian Economics: Rethinking the Automation of Finance with Chimera Intelligence

    Residency at Baltan Laboratories

    We are glad to announce and welcome a new resident at Baltan: Ianis Dobrev. Within his work, Ianis intends to generate philosophical concept from the investigation of natural sciences, economics and system thinking. The outcomes take the form of material objects, digital animated content, infographics and texts, often blended together in multimedia, interactive, immersive installations.

    For this residency, Ianis is focusing on his project Cnidarian Economics: Rethinking the Automation of Finance with Chimera Intelligence.

    "The structural quality of ecosystems contrast with the unsustainable direction of the human western economic models. The sum of actors seeking individual profit doesn’t seem to be able to lead to an economy that co-evolves with the global ecology. But we are now entering an age when human minds are not the only anthropogenic agents. The development of AI as an automated actor of the trading network can help us diversify the financial ecosystem. The resilience of ecosystems comes from their diversity of species, some are individuals with strong sense of self, some are very social, some are swarm entities, some are colonial animals made of many selves. We could design an AI that doesn’t reproduce the self- interested short-term profit view inspired by the human brain: a Chimerical Intelligence."

    Download full essay here

    About the Artist
    Ianis Dobrev is a French artist, designer, researcher and writer. He holds Bachelors from the Art and Design School of Saint-Étienne, France and from the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands. His current practice investigates diverse disciplines such as biology, neurosciences, computer science, economics and finance. By abstracting complex systems, Ianis can juxtapose, blend and associate notions from separate fields of knowledge. It allows him to express knowledge taken from one epistemic world with the vocabulary of another one, thus creating a new perspective on it. In fact, his practice generates variant philosophical frames to tackle cultural, economical and societal topics, such as: material embodiment of energetic forces, information theory view of living beings, self-organising quality of the matter, distributed intelligence encoded by money, phenomenology of stock markets.

    Ultimately, Ianis seeks the friction between the material and the immaterial, the body and the system. Consequently, he produces material artworks, digital animated content, infographics and texts that altogether make ecosystems of knowledges embedded in physical and virtual objects. The global outcomes often take the form of multimedia, interactive, immersive installations.


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