• Magic Tea by Danielle Roberts 

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    Posted: 21 January 2021

    Baltan Residency by Danielle Roberts

    Searching and designing for transcendent quality in every-day life

    Danielle Roberts is a visual artist, technologist, and meditator. She has been in exchange with Baltan Laboratories throughout several of her projects. For example, the meditation suit that incorporates multiple sensors that cause feedback loops with the environment. This suit is designed to enhance the experience of meditation.

    She is also fascinated by measuring and quantifying her everyday life to explore the relations between actions, space, time and state of being. It seems like a logical next step that in her latest project she wants to bring the meditative state even closer to every-day life activities and more accessible through the use of technology. For this she takes a look at the simple action of drinking tea and the connected culture of tea rituals and ceremonies.

    Her interactive tea making and drinking installation is used to trigger stimuli that are supposed to bring you to a higher state of being and experience transcendent moments. Biometric data is integrated and translated into small events of haptic, visual and acoustic triggers that you experience during the tea ceremony. She is now collecting results from testing her installation to reach her goal: making a positive contribution to our psychological well-being towards transcendent experiences via everyday actions altered with technology.

    In 2021 Danielle will present her route towards this installation and conduct further research within a versatile event. She will invite guests with related messages and visitors will have the chance to reflect, act and experiment on our mindful state of being in every-day life.


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    Magic Tea - Danielle Roberts

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