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    Posted: 7 March 2017

    A sneak preview of Economia Festival

    For those who are eagerly anticipating Economia festival, two works will be on show at the Baltan exhibition from March 17


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    Economia is the festival of

    The first work is the video trilogy Three Exchanges by Zachary Formwalt. In three recent video installations, he focuses on the architecture of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange – designed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) –, and the Amsterdam Stock and Commodities Exchange which was designed at the end of the nineteenth century by socialist architect, H.P. Berlage. The architecture of the stock exchange serves as a starting point to dive into the limitations of photography in representing capital, and looks at the interrelationships between financial capitalism and image making.

    Also on show is Night Soil by Melanie Bonajo, a series of experimental semi-documentary films about cultural phenomena which contradict the linear progression of the capitalist system. Each Night Soil film explores trends that move outside sociological and political norms of consumer society, most of them illegal.

    These video works are presented in the Baltan Laboratories exhibition space, the Dick Raaijmakerszaal at Natlab. You'll find the space immediately to your right after passing through the Natlab main entrance.

    About Economia

    Economia is a 3-day festival that explores new ideas and thinking about our economy. It is a laboratory for ideas which allows us to step out of the existing frame of thought. The festival presents unexpected and playful approaches looking at the essence of economy, thus establishing a fresh point of view on the economic system and our society.

    We're offering an extensive program of keynote lectures, films, performances, installations, playful interventions and workshops which will bring you new perspectives and insights for alternative, (less predefined) economic futures. Curious? You can find detailed program information on the Economia website.

    Part of Economia is the second Renewable Futures Conference, aiming to push the boundaries of our thinking about economy. The conference is organized in close collaboration with RIXC and the Renewable Futures Program.

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