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    Posted: 6 June 2017

    Looking back at an inspiring festival

    The first reviews about Think Economia

    As we are still digesting the thought provoking content addressed during Economia, we don’t want to keep you waiting for the (overall positive) reviews of the festival.


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    Economia is the festival of

    Economia festival successfully shed new light on our economic system and its challenges concerning the rise of digital technology, the notion of growth, shifting powerstructures and consumerism.

    The festival about economy 'without the economists’ addressed new perspectives on how to deal with the mechanisms of economy and how to reclaim it back.

    “Economia clearly achieved [its] objective, by describing and analysing the various aspects of economy, re-thinking it, and re-claiming that which is ours: our own information, our own data, and own futures through a wide variety of cultural, digital and social interventions.” - Metropolis M

    We look back at an inspiring event with keynotes, artworks, workshops, movies and an in-depth conference, and have collected some reports for you. Watch the video’s of Pankaj Mishra, Evgeny Morozov, Geerat Vermeij and Frank Trentmann.

    Economia's film program featured a wide range of documentaries, shorts and cult classics. You can find reviews and in depth reports on We Make Money Not Art

    Economia also hosted the second international Renewable Futures Conference, focusing on pushing the boundaries of our thinking about economy. Selected scholars, artists and thinkers presented their research on the topic to a dedicated audience.

    Reports on Economia
    Economia: omdenken door te doen, FRNKFRT, Theo Ploeg (Article in Dutch)
    Economia, a festival on economy without the economists, We Make Money Not Art, Regine Debatty
    Economia festival: Consumerism, crabs, automation and other insights by non-economists, We Make Money Not Art, Regine Debatty
    Economia festival: Short films about finance, We Make Money Not Art, Regine Debatty
    A festival on economy, without the economists, Metropolis M, Corine van Emmerik

    Pictures of Economia festival by Diewke van den Heuvel

    To stay tuned on Economia, follow the Economia Facebook page.

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