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    Posted: 12 May 2020

    The online festival about economy, without the economists (on stage)

    How can we change our economic paradigm of endless growth, in an era in which human activity impacts Earth’s environment so profoundly? The biosphere of the Earth is as big as it gets. If you look at the Earth from space, it turns out to be a zero-sum game. Economic growth ultimately comes at the expense of the living space of all species.

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    Can we design an economic system that does not worship unlimited growth as its ultimate goal? Which models can we develop that are in synch with the social and planetary boundaries? How to create a better future, in a world where the economists look at economic value and technologists rely on the promise of technology to fix all ills with more technology?


Economia – The Limited Edition presents unexpected and playful approaches looking at the foundations of our economy, establishing a fresh point of view on the notion of value and economic growth. The festival is a laboratory of ideas; a place where, for a while, we can step out of the existing frame and approach economics in an unexpected, playful and fundamental manner. The program consists of a series of online lectures, debates, game sessions, an exhibition and a conference from June 25th until October 31st.

    Since the outbreak of the financial crises in 2008 and the pandemic more recently, the uncertainty about the effectiveness and validity of the neoliberal model increased considerably. Economics, in its present form, provides no solution to issues of climate change and social inequality. It cannot help us organize social alliances, raise public interest or develop long-term prospects. Its results no longer appeal.

    In order to be able to challenge our economic system, humanity needs more intuition, holistic awareness and multidisciplinary thinking. Economia – The Limited Edition invites everyone to critically explore how to invert the paradigm of unlimited growth and reclaim economy as we see fit.

    Homo Economicus
    The theme of Economia derives from Homo Economicus, a concept in which man is first and foremost an economic being, directed towards the satisfaction of his needs in an efficient, rational and logical manner. Economia will examine which systems maintain this deeply held belief and prevent real change. Moving away from a world driven by profits over everything else, Homo Economicus could fulfil its role as an economic being in relation with the world, exploring the new ideals of saving the planet, preventing the exploitation of people and fantasizing about inverting the paradigm of unlimited growth.

    Economia is part of the Creative Europe project Green Revisited: Encountering Emerging Naturecultures (GREEN) The main objective is to shape an emerging ‘naturecultures’ paradigm via the arts, addressing the complexity of our relations with the environment and capable of overcoming the dualism between human and nature. Through artistic and practice-based research we will reconsider our economy and aim at reconnecting it with our natural surroundings.

    Stay tuned for the timeline and announcements!

    ECONOMIA – THE LIMITED EDITION is powered by Joanknecht and kindly supported by Creative Europe, Creative Industries Fund NL, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and Provincie Noord-Brabant.


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