• Experience nomadic lifestyles in Kyrgyzstan 

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    Posted: 31 July 2017

    We invite you to experience the Silent Journey through Kyrgyzstan in 6 days. This trip is part of the 100 Days of Learning trajectory developed for the 2017 edition of Age of Wonderland. 100 Days of Learning is a project that aims to bring new perspectives and values into our everyday lives by sharing peer-to-peer knowledge and life experiences.


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    Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, a country of incredible natural beauty and proud of its nomadic traditions. In the age of jet travel, we should take a moment to stop and look around to reflect more carefully on our values and resources. Even the very elementary ones, such as water, air, home and time.

    The Silent Journey led by Symbat Symbaldieva (educator and research fellow Age of Wonderland 2015) explores modern living with the values and traditions of the nomadic people in her home country. We welcome anyone to join this unique experience, organised by local experts. During this trip we invite you to engage in a modern nomadic lifestyle. The Silent Journey touches upon this way of living by emphasizing valuable silent moments by not using mobile devices and computers, but by opening our hearts. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to absorb the nomadic spirit, and to reflect and reassess our personal assets.

    The nomadic world connects millions of people together. Their culture is original and shows a rich diversity in the way people shape their lives. Nomadic civilizations coexist harmoniously with nature. By adapting to their ecological environment, nomads do not significantly change the landscape of the earth. Their culture is all about sharing inspiration and building trust. By studying and practicing ancient traditions, we may explore new perspectives for tomorrow’s society. To get an impression of the trip, watch this short video an off-road adventure trip to Kelsuu lake by Anna Savoskina.

    Silent Journey in Kyrygstan
    The 6-day trip is planned from 20-26 August 2017. Find below a summary of the journey (please note that the program may be subject to change).

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