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    Posted: 11 October 2021

    A speculative future: health as a civic duty in the living area

    In Expeditie VitaalGezond, Máxima MC and housing corporation Trudo explore how to cooperate to improve vitality and health in the neighbourhood. They approached Studio Marleen van Bergeijk and Studio SociaalCentraal to design a speculative and controversial translation of this future cooperation. The project was made possible by Baltan Laboratories

    Almost 15 years ago the corona pandemic taught us the importance of a healthy, vital lifestyle and uncovered the untenability of our health care system. Nowadays, we arrange care differently; we simply had to. As we are at the peak of the hyper-aging society, our population consists of more chronically ill and elderly people than ever before. If we would have done nothing, the whole system would have jammed.

    Today, every Dutch citizen use the health & vitality insurance, providing guaranteed health instead of being entitled to unconditional care.

    Being healthy is a civid duty of individuals and at the same time a collective responsibility of society.

    The VitalHealthy neighborhood
    Trudo & MMC monitor and stimulate health and vitality in the VitaalGezond neighbourhood, where public space, greenery, technology and social systems help citizens in staying healthy and vital.

    Every month, measurements determine whether you are on track with your health goals. This result is settled in the Health/Water/Light bill according to agreements in the VitaalGezond contract. This contract describes agreements for social living and caring in the neighborhood, supported by technology. If you score below your own agreements and goals, you run the risk of being evicted from the neighborhood.

    MMC's remote expertise helps you stay healthy and detects and adjusts risks early on. Trudo provides a social community that links neighbours through social systems for their health goals and when citizens are in need for a helping hand.

    Speculatieve installatie: Community Health Hub
    Welcome in the Community Health Hub, the social and healthy heart of the district. Here you scan your VitaalGezond chip to make use of the facilities.

    A smart screen takes you through the possibilities. New to the district? Come and collect your tracking device. Using the fridge magnet and the smart toilet block, MMC keeps track of your nutrient intake. Want to work on your physical health? The TRUDO’s data links you to one of your neighbours to be your buddy or help you out with your health targets.

    How do you feel about this future?

    About Studio Marleen van Bergeijk x Studio Sociaal Centraal

    Studio Marleen van Bergeijk x Studio Sociaal Centraal are two social design studios located in Kade Clubhuis in Eindhoven.

    They joined forces (health, social design, provocative challenges) to create a tangible design for a speculative future for the 'Expeditie VitaalGezond' project.


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