• Green Revisited: Encountering Emerging Naturecultures 

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    Posted: 6 April 2020

    Overcoming the dualism between the human and nature

    Exploring economic alternatives

    Baltan Laboratories is partner in the Creative Europe project Green Revisited: Encountering Emerging Naturecultures (GREEN). The main objective is to develop a platform to shape and popularize an emerging “naturecultures” paradigm via the arts, as well as to strengthen an international network committed to enhancing critically by investigating the pervasive greenness trope. Part of the Economia 2020 program will be developed in this context, exploring economic alternatives that are not based on unlimited growth and respect the limits of our planet.

    The GREEN project reconsiders the notion “green” that is symbolically associated with “natural”. The project claims that such superficial notions are used to symbolically mask the increasing technical manipulations of nature and environment. GREEN aims to build a new European media art and culture platform for critical discussions, artistic interventions and transcultural dialogue addressing the complexity of our relations with the environment and fostering new discourses on “naturecultures” capable of overcoming the dualism between the human and nature.

    Economia 2020: The Limited Edition
    Our world is at a tipping point. The extraction of our natural resources for profit and goods no longer sustains in the age of the Anthropocene. Economics, as a social technology in its present form, provides no solution to issues of climate change and social inequality. The added value of efficiency and productivity are outweighed by the numerous disadvantages of reducing all values to market value. We need to reshape our economic systems and see how it can be informed with creativity, ethics, environmental issues and other social challenges. Through artistic and practice-based research Baltan aims to reconsider our thinking about the economy and reconnect it with our natural surroundings. As part of Economia 2020: The Limited Edition, we will face the challenges of creating the visions and models of economic systems that are not based on permanent growth but on abundance.

    Partners of GREEN are: RIXC Center for New Media Culture (Lead Partner – Latvia), Baltan Laboratories (The Netherlands), Emmetrop (France), Oslo MET (Norway), Zavod Project Atol (Slovenia), Media Lab of Aalto University (Finland), Liepaja University (Latvia).

    GREEN is a multiyear program (2019 – 2021) co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. More information here.


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