• Green light for Creative Lab Brainport! 

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    Posted: 24 May 2016

    New initiative to link education and business

    Approved by ministry of education

    Creative Lab Brainport enables creative students to start developing smart solutions for corporate design problems during their studies. Fourteen companies have signed up to work with the new educational platform. Creative Lab Brainport will function as an incubator, adding a new dimension to the design top sector in Brainport.

    SintLucas (institute for intermediate vocational education) is the driving force behind Creative Lab Brainport (CLB) in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories, Fontys Hogescholen, Avans Hogeschool and Brainport Development. Excellent students of all levels will be able to participate in projects requested by companies through CLB. SintLucas wil function as CLB headquarters, next to being deployed at associated partners.

    Creative Lab Brainport perfectly fits within the Baltan Laboratories vision to link various disciplines revolving around conceptual questions and socially relevant topics. Among companies there is a need to be able to use the knowledge generated within educational institutions. CLB will be providing this service, next to preparing students for the job market after completing their studies.

    For additional information, see the press releases: Brainport and SintLucas (in Dutch).


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