• Green light for people on the run at the EU border 

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    Posted: 7 December 2021

    Baltan Laboratories supports Green Light Action. Join us!

    People on the run are increasingly being stopped at the European border, mistreated, hunted down, sent back to sea in rickety boats or deliberately pushed back with a heavy hand from EU territory. All of this is done to deny them the opportunity to exercise their right to seek asylum in Europe. NGOs and individuals who come to the aid of these people in distress are increasingly facing criminal prosecution in the EU.

    The participating organizations in Green Light believe that the EU is violating human rights towards people on the run in this way. It is not the NGOs and individuals who offer help to people in need that are committing a crime, but member states of the European Union violating human rights towards people on the run.

    In Poland, residents along the border hang a green light on their houses as a sign that migrants in need can go there for help. Some of them do not dare to put the green light on anymore for fear of repercussions by Polish authorities. The VAJN calls on institutions and residents of the Netherlands to have their homes or buildings colored green on December 10, International Human Rights Day. Because human rights apply always and everywhere, and must be respected by the member states of the EU when people flee and want to apply for asylum on or across the border of the EU. Do not leave people on the run in the dark, but offer them a green light!

    Baltan Laboratories support this action. Join us!

    Visit Action Green Light


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