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    Posted: 30 November 2012

    We are very excited to announce that artist/scientist Joe Davis (USA) will be Baltan’s official artistic advisor for next year. Two carefully selected advisors will offer expertise and insight on the artistic and the business side of Baltan. Their role is to help generate ideas that increase the value of Baltan’s research projects and to offer recommendations and constructive criticism. Based on their individual expertise Baltan will expand, as well as explore new ideas, research topics, and future collaboration possibilities.

    With his extensive background as an artist/scientist, Joe Davis has been developing groundbreaking art projects within the scientific realm for decades. With his unstoppable curiosity for everything that surrounds him, Joe is the ideal person with whom to work and to develop new paths where the borders of both fields cross. His efforts clearly unify art and science. Watch his fantastic two hour talk recorded at the Van Abbemuseum.

    Joe Davis is an artist and research affiliate at Alexander Rich laboratory in the Department of Biology at MIT and Artist-Scientist in the laboratory at Harvard Medical School in Boston. He was a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies, and a Research Associate at the McLuhan Program at the University of Toronto. Joe Davis has sent vaginal contractions into space to communicate with aliens, encoded poetry into DNA, and designed a sculpture to save the world.


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