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    Posted: 23 April 2024

    De Fabriek, United Cowboys, Baltan Laboratories and Make Eindhoven work together within LONG TERM SHORT STAY: a cross-disciplinary residency program in Eindhoven. We challenge makers of all backgrounds (artists, designers, performers, etc.) to jointly develop a concept for a multidisciplinary project and realize this through the support of the collaborating institutions.

    A conversation with each other
The program offers opportunities for concept development, production, reflection and presentation. With this program we focus on makers who relate to a social context  and aim to develop  conversation(s) with each other and the audience through their work.

    What do we expect?
 We expect a creator to be open to:
    • Collaboration with other makers
• Working in cross-disciplinary contexts
• Working on social themes


    The program starts in September 2024 and consists of:
    • A number of (online) sessions in which an introduction between the participants and each other’s practice is central.

    • Two two-week work periods in Eindhoven in November (4-11 to 15-11) and December (2-12 to 13-12). The focus is on the production of the work to be presented.

    • The process will be completed with a public presentation of the joint work in December 2024. The form of the presentation is free and is determined by the selected participants. This could be a performance, exhibition, workshop or a combination.


    The following budget per person is available for selected participants: €1.750,- honorarium and €1.000,- material budget for the development of the work to be presented. Accommodation is provided for the two work periods in Eindhoven and the travel costs for this are paid by the project.

    Sign up
Interested? Register via longtermshortstay@gmail.com with the subject Long Term Short Stay.

    Send a:
    • CV

    • Motivation in which you indicate how you want to work across disciplines during the residency period and how the expertise of the initiating institutions (De Fabriek, Baltan, United Cowboys, Make Eindhoven) can be used (max 2 A4).

    • A portfolio containing a maximum of 5 relevant projects (max 5 A4).

    You can register until May 13, 2024, no later than 11:59 PM.

    Collaborating institutions

    Make Eindhoven offers three workshop spaces under one roof with facilities for research and experimentation with materials and techniques in the field of metal casting, oven formed glass techniques and graphic techniques. Make Eindhoven sees its mission to promote innovation in art and design and is initiating a number of programs in which creative makers are given space to explore new approaches to material and making.

    United Cowboys is a collective of international artists under the guidance of a dedicated artistic team, which creates multidisciplinary performances, on the border of dance, performance, music, video and installation art, that can be viewed around the globe. United Cowboys is led by Pauline Roelants and Maarten Van der Put who also curate the Art House – their workspace, a creative production space for artists from various disciplines, and a platform for collaborations and research, which hosts both local and international projects and artists.

De Fabriek supports artists by offering space, time and resources to develop, create and present their work. Driven by the awareness that our complex, rapidly changing society faces unprecedented social, ecological and technological challenges, De Fabriek investigates and explores new possibilities to meet these challenges. Art functions as a frame and as a catalyst for it.

Baltan Laboratories is an indisciplinary lab, which initiates and supports art and design projects that focus on social issues in an imaginative, collaborative and interdisciplinary manner. With our program, we create space(s) for rehearsing change: hopeful and critical space, space that emancipates and confronts, and spaces that inspire us to act. Among other things, we organize residency programs and offer space to individual makers for the development of their projects.


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