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    Posted: 17 February 2012

    Naked on Pluto at ARCO Madrid

    Facesponge workshop at CCCB

    In 2011, Naked on Pluto won the first prize in Fundación Telefónica’s VIDA 13.2 Awards. As part of this prize, they will be exhibiting the project at ARCO Madrid from February 16-20, 2012. The artists have been working on an installation version of the game for the exhibition as well as new tools, with the collaboration of Baltan Laboratories.

    First installation shots at ARCO by Dave Griffiths

    The Plutonian Library
    The idea behind turning the project into an installation is to both give a specific view of what is happening inside the game, and highlight the role of a room that has a particular importance in the story: the library.The library is the central point of Elastic Versailles, where everything is tracked, recorded and controlled. It is the ultimate metaphor for FB’s databases and surveillance systems.

    To put forward this idea, several elements have been developed for the installation: a live data visualisation and tracking of players and bots within the game, and the printing of several unique books that each represents in a narrative form the history-log of Naked on Pluto from the perspective of objects and bots that inhabit Elastic Versailles.

    Facesponge workshop
    Next to the installation, the application Facesponge was developed to be used as a platform to experiment with users profiles and Facebook API live. Designed as general app hacking sandbox, Facesponge will be used to break several myths about Facebook applications.

    On February 24, Aymeric Mansoux and Gerard Kogler will be leading a Facesponge workshop at CCCB where the participants will be invited to take part in designing small programs that extracts and manipulate their own and their friend’s online information.


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