• Natlab inaugurated as historic site by EPS 

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    Posted: 5 October 2017

    European Physical Society distinguishes the Natlab as an important historic site

    Pillar of Science unveiled

    The outstanding research at NatLab, the former Philips Physics Research Laboratory, with many of its groundbreaking inventions, has become a designated EPS historic site with the unveiling of the pillar of science.


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    After the ceremonial presentations by Jo Hermans (university of Leiden), Dirk Van Delft (Museum Boerhaave), Henk Van Houten (Philips Research) and Rudiger Voss (Cern), the European Physical Society plaquette was unveiled.

    After the ceremony, the reconstruction of Poème Electronique by Jan de Heer and Kees Tazelaar was screened in the cinema space of NatLab. This immersive experience was developed for Philips in 1958 by architect Le Corbusier and componist Iannis Xenakis for the World Expo Brussels.

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