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    Posted: 3 March 2022

    Co-emerging Economies: Exploring radical perspectives on post-anthropocentric economies.

    Available for (online) purchase

    Together with Philips Experience Design and Avans University of Applied Sciences, Baltan developed Co-emerging Economies, an artistic research trajectory based on post-anthropocentric points of view. The publication interrogates two opposing perspectives about 'kinship' in an economy which no longer puts the need of humans first. How will the relationships we develop affect the way we deem nature, other species, technology, even our own bodies?

    In the Gaia perspective we see ourselves as part of nature. In this view, we put the health of the ecosystem first rather than that of humans. In Etheria we strive to become part of a post-human (post-biological) intelligence, detaching ourselves from nature and the need for biological systems.

    The publication Co-Emerging Economies: Exploring radical perspectives on post-anthropocentric economies represents the materialisation of this trajectory with chapters written by Reon Brand, Godelieve Spaas, Lisanne Buik, René van Peer and Olga Mink, as well as contributions by workshop participants; Cynthia Hathaway, Bea Xu, Yannik Güldner, Elise Talgorn, Michal Mitro.

    The book features poems, illustrations, mindmaps and stories to reflect the wide variety of outputs and the eclectic mix of backgrounds and professions of the workshop participants. Artists Leif Czakai, Sunjoo Lee, Sixtine Blandin and Cecille Parnasse are responsible for depicting the discussions in compelling drawings.

    Designed by Gabriela Baka, the book is a next step in Baltan’s Homo Economicus trajectory, in which alternative economic paradigms are explored to re-think the current paradigm. It can be purchased through the website of Lecturis for 12,00 Euros, including postage.

    Co-emerging Economies: Exploring radical perspectives on post-anthropocentric economies is edited by Olga Mink and Reon Brand.

    Publication available for (online) purchase here

    This project is an initiative by Baltan Laboratories in collaboration with Philips Experience Design & Avans University of Applied sciences.
    Publication by Lecturis
    Production: Loreto Bazo
    Workshop production: Claudia Lieshout and Miranda Kallenberg
    Text editing & translations:
    Radboud University vertaalservice and Marisa Miller
    Graphic design: Gabriela Baka
    Print: ISBN: 9789464370959
    Year: 2021

    Contact info:


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