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    Posted: 3 June 2019

    No formalities. Enter if you can. Presence is key.

    Deadline July 1st!

    Baltan Laboratories is inviting 4 critical makers (e.g. designers, engineers, scientists, actors) and artists to occupy its workspaces for a work period between July 8th – Sep 29th, 2019. Both students and professionals can submit ideas to use the lab as their temporary workspace. The aim is to have a diverse group of people with diverse skills and motivations. Are you interested to work outside your regular context, share and develop ideas with an audience and the Baltan lab team?

    During this period, you'll have the chance to exchange ideas with other occupants, the Baltan community and its partners. You will be informed about Baltan related topics, future opportunities and the overall artistic research program.

    The facilities in the lab can be used in multiple ways and are up to you to be shaped for your own specific use, always in conversation with the Baltan team. For example, they can be used for developing and testing new experiments, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, screenings, lectures and discussions.

    As an occupant at Baltan, you can freely carry out your project within this period, but remember we are there to inspire and to support you. We expect occupants to be actively present in the lab space. Occupation happens only when you are actively there.

    Baltan offers:

    • 4 free workspaces in a hybrid lab / maker space
    • Insight in its program / potential future opportunities
    • Cross-pollination with other projects, occupants and communities connected
    • Visibility / exposure through its public platform
    • Connection with curators and actors working in the field
    • Guidance, concept + content development and feedback-sessions
    • Production and fundraising advice
    • Opportunity to present your work-in-progress

      Baltan requires:

    • Occupants to give a talk, introducing themselves to their fellow occupants and the Baltan team
    • Occupants to end their occupation period with a proper goodbye with the purpose of presenting the outcome of your stay at Baltan. The format is free.

    If this is speaking to you, get in touch with our Lab and Community manager! Send an email to Leif before July 1st and schedule a meeting with him to get to know each other and to see if you fit the group of occupants.


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