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    Posted: 25 November 2019

    What does this sentence trigger inside your body and mind? What would it mean to occupy a cultural and experimental space like Baltan Laboratories and why would one do it?
    With occupation as a central topic we are eager to find out, with you!

    The word occupation does not only refer to the usage of a physical space. It means using space for protest or as instrument for activism and change on a personal and societal level. It also refers to a way of being immersed in one’s work or a topic that occupies not only our minds but even our lifestyle. We are constantly the occupier and the occupied, consciously and unconsciously.

    After launching a call for occupation before summer 2019, the format we proposed evolved. The agenda of a cultural institution, its system and its habits ask for being challenged. Screw the format. The format needs to evolve by the use of a space like Baltan and the events organized. It is about the loopholes, the twisting and turning of systems and strategical interactions that can break up a format and occupy it. It is about seeing potential for hacking Baltan physical space as well as network, knowledge, status and attention. Occupy Baltan!

    Do you need an invitation?

    All we can say is that behind Baltan there are a bunch of people you can talk to. On the edge between Baltan community and lab is Leif Czakai, the person you should get in touch with: leif@baltanlaboratories.org

    What is the practical framework of an occupation?

    Usually an occupation lasts as long as it takes to achieve your goal or to give up on it. Sometimes you are kicked out of the state of occupation or you freed yourself from it. Sometimes you stand alone or together with friends, you may be an organized group or a bunch of people meeting for the first time. Use the basement in the Natlab, use our network, our expertise, bring something in for the community.

    What’s Baltan role in this?

    Baltan can facilitate your occupation within its possibilities. It is up to you and us to play with the them. We are collaborators and clients at the same time. We may occupy you!


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