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    Posted: 7 June 2021

    Occupy Baltan

    Open Call for Social Design Residency

    Baltan Laboratories and the Occupants program offer a 4-month residency on sensible social design projects with Eindhoven’s local communities. Deadline for submitting your proposal is the 16th of July 2021 (deadline extended).

    Occupy us!
    We are looking for projects that focus on a collaboration with the local community in Eindhoven. Applications should focus on specific needs, or urgent topics for the local community. Social Design practices often involve a mix of different professions, interests, and backgrounds. Creatives enter unknown contexts where they meet and get to interact with communities, that all have their own cultural background and personal story.

    Within this residency we want to shed extra light on the development of a fair and respectful process for all involved parties. This means besides working in the field we will keep testing out the sensibility of our process and collect the results to contribute for possible application in the social design sector.
    We invite you to occupy and use Baltan as an instrument for change on a personal and societal level. Occupying also means being immersed in one’s work or a topic that occupies not only our minds but even our lifestyle. We are constantly the occupier and the occupied, consciously and unconsciously. It is about seeing potential for hacking this residency as well as Baltans network, knowledge, status, and attention. With this mentality Baltan is now looking for 3 individuals/collectives to occupy the lab for a period of 4 months.

    Is it you we are looking for?
    We are looking for people or collectives working with an art or design driven approach, incorporating other disciplines from different sciences and technology. You should be interested in actively questioning institutions and established working dynamics during your occupation. We don't expect you to have a rooted practice in the field as we are especially looking for starters disregarding age or background. People living and working in Eindhoven/ Noord-Brabant are especially encouraged to apply.

    We expect from you:
    • presence and availability from the beginning September 2021 till the end of December 2021
    • at least 2 days per week dedicated for the project and available for meetings especially on Tuesdays
    • an autonomous and proactive mindset
    • interest to work with people, communities and institutions (focused on Eindhoven region)

    What we offer you:
    • free workspace in Natlab
    • a project-budget of €2500 per project
    • a budget for coaching sessions €500 per project
    • support to enter local networks
    • artistic support and feedback
    • various public formats
    • networking events / field trips

    During this Occupation you will work closely together with Baltan, the coaches and other residents. During weekly meetings we will exchange the progress made and decide how we can support each other. Several scheduled (public and informal) events, as well as meetings with a coach, will safeguard the quality and progress of each project.

    The four months residency can be used to start up your community project or to establish a strong base that you can potentially use for funding applications, or you can use the four months to further develop and finalize a project.
    The occupation trajectory will conclude with a public moment collaboratively defined and shaped during the residency.

    To apply:
    Write an email to including:

    • Short video stating your motivation and a brief intro about yourself
    • Description of your project plan + budget plan
    • Your CV/ portfolio

    Deadline: 16 July 2021
    (We have extended this deadline for 10 days so YOU can still reply!)
    Notification for acceptance will be sent the week after.

    If you are interested in the Occupy Baltan program and related social design activities at Baltan you can read more browsing the following articles:
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    Baltan is an interdisciplinary platform for future thinking, based in Eindhoven. By bridging the gaps between disciplines, they evoke new ideas, insights, and narratives for our future society.
    This program is part of Baltans research theme Homo Socialis that revolves around social cohesion, community and (in)equality. It focusses on the different roles of people in society and how they affect each other.
    This project is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL and Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.


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