• Occupy Baltan! Solitary Carving Kit 

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    Posted: 2 March 2021

    Occupy Baltan! by Flat_Friday

    Project: Solitary Carving Kit

    Solitary Carving Kit is the translation of “Satisfactory eating and printing sessions”, a series of workshops we held last year. The kit incorporates the experimental spirit of our previous printing sessions, allowing you to keep discovering things and get satisfaction in this period, from home!   

    The concept is very simple: with the content of the kit, you will be able to carve your own « piece of art » on a linoleum sheet. After returning the kit and the linoleum to us, we will print it for you on an etching paper. We also give you the linoleum back, of course. Good to know: unless you explicitly disagree with it, we will take a picture of your print and post it online; this way further carvers can have a look at our gallery and get inspired. 

    Flat_friday is a collective that seeks to make room for free exploration and conviviality, thought food and illustration. It encourages discovery processes, fundamental creativity and fair satisfaction, by organizing events and workshops. It was founded by Sixtine Blandin and Cecile Espinasse in 2019 and hosted at Baltan Laboratories.

    Kit costs: 25 euro (excluding sending costs)
    Contacts: flat_friday@gmail.com
    Sixtine Blandin: +31 (0) 643702918


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