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    Posted: 14 April 2022

    Occupy Baltan: Social Design Residency

    An online archive for social design projects and residencies

    Last year we initiated a social design residency within the frame of Occupy Baltan’s format, offering a four-month residency on sensible social design projects with local communities in Eindhoven. From now on the results of the program will be published on a apposite website.

    The planned exhibition at the beginning of this year almost fell into pieces due to again stronger Covid measures. But we were lucky we could proceed with the opening, which was a great and nicely visited afternoon, within all the safety rules. We have a photo album of the exhibition, take a look.

    After all this yes-no-yes go-no-go moments during the last years we decided to have an online publication of the residency in the form of a cheerful website. Next to that we will use this space as an archive for future Occupy Baltan projects and residencies, which will be updated over time.

    Social Design practices often involve a mix of different professions, interests, and backgrounds. Creatives enter unknown contexts where they meet and get to interact with other communities that all have their own cultural background and personal story. Within this residency we wanted to shed extra light on the development of a fair and respectful process for all involved parties. Especially for this reason while working in the field we kept testing out the sensibility of our process and collected the results to contribute for possible practice in the social design sector.

    Visit the website and read all about the Occupy Baltan: Social Design Residency

    About the projects:

    Full Voids investigates how representations of the urban landscape influence the way we co-habit it. The project, started as Martina Eddone’s graduation project at DAE, during the social design residency at Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven) has taken the shape of a workshop, aimed to create a collective visual portrait of a neighbourhood.

    The Immigrant’s Imagery Museum project is the result of the course Curatorship in an expanded field developed by Camila Vieira during the social design residency. It entails discussing Heritage, Self Image, Exotification, and Visual Arts De-Colonization in the broad area of Art History and Museum Collections. The participants learned the basics of conceiving, writing, and making an art exhibition by learning from theoretical references, virtual visits to online Art exhibitions, and group discussions starting from their particular point of view about the experience of being an immigrant.

    Residency branding by Hugo Pilate.
    Residency program led (or produced) by Leif Czakai and Sarie Hermens


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