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    Posted: 1 June 2016

    Age of Wonderland

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    Easy data collection systems have enabled the quantification of our every move, activity and thought, and as such, has produced an endless repository of information. Data technology is able to visualize and crosslink matter, which would otherwise never be related to each other. This raises ethical questions on the mining of information, its ownership and the responsibility that goes with safeguarding our privacy. Anyone or any company with the access to data or the technology to ‘create’ data can become a revolutionary power. If data is the new gold, oil or solar energy we urgently need to explore new ways to discuss such topics.

    The second edition of the Provocative Seminar took place on May 23, 2016, is completely geared towards this year's Age of Wonderland theme: Big Data, Big DADA?

    In this Provocative Seminar, we discussed how to take an activist attitude towards big data corporations. How can we view data as something that we can tap into to learn about ourselves? And how can we attribute data to push for social innovation? We discuss the above and many other questions with Age of Wonderland fellows Paz Bernaldo, Branly Lopez, Budi Prakosa, Fieke Jansen of Tactical Tech (based in Berlin), Kersti Wissenbach of DatActive, Ine Gevers (Hacking Habitat) en Jan Willem Huisman (IJsfontein). Opening speech by Christine Wagner (HIVOS) and presentation by Danielle Arets.


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