• Publication: Make Economy Yours Again | Tactical tools for alternative economic narratives 

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    Posted: 14 March 2022

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    The first edition of Make Economy Yours Again (MEYA) gathered every week for six weeks from 27 May 2021, with the aim of co-creating a new knowledge base for developing an activist toolkit about alternative economic narratives. In the learning community we shared assumptions, practices, impressions, and reflections about the economy.

    In this publication we explore the constellation of starting points, notions and concepts developed by and with the learning community. It consists of essays on the format, content, and educational framework of MEYA, as well as a collection of the manifestos, commitments, promises, hopes and stories the learning community developed.

    Please send us an email to request a copy for free (shipping costs excluded):

    Make Economy Yours Again is an initiative by Baltan Laboratories and is kindly supported by Cultuur Eindhoven and Creative Industries Fund NL

    Marlou van der Cruijsen, Lorenzo Gerbi, Leif Czakai, Loreto Bazo Márquez, Matilde Losi

    Alexandra Zhasminova, Vitalija Povilaityte-Petri, Valentina Vella, Jolande Bosch, Noa Jansma, Verian Klarus, Teresa Feldmann, Olga Popescu, Michal Mitro, Ausra Cesnauskyte, Sina Grebrodt, Madelaine Hulleman, Andrea Travaglia

    Publication design by Alice Zani
    Pictures by Barbara Medo


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