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    Posted: 25 July 2022

    Call for Netherlands based designers, studios and collectives

    Developing self-reflective situated design practices

    Baltan invites designers to join Raise Your Voice (RYV), a learning and coaching trajectory in autumn 2022 for Netherlands-based designers, studios and collectives active - or with an ambition to be active - in socially-engaged art and situated design. RYV is a three-months trajectory with coaching, six gatherings and workshops, a symposium during DDW and an international exchange to Budapest that challenges you to question and redefine your practice. Raise Your Voice is organized in collaboration with Sineglossa (Ancona, IT) and ProProgressione (Budapest, HU).

    Growing (social) inequality, the effects of the COVID pandemic, economic crises, record temperatures, the increasing extinction rate of species, it appears we are in a permanent state of crisis. We need to change the way we do things. With the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus project, Europe is looking at culture and the creative industries to contribute to the development of alternative scenarios to find a way out of this mess.

    Raise Your Voice is a learning trajectory for designers working on these complex topics, helping them to develop their voice. During the trajectory we will discuss the role, if there is any, design should have in the social, environmental and economic challenges we face. RYV confronts participants with knowledges, stories, methodologies, and practices that challenge our society’s foundations and are rooted in indisciplinarity, complexity, embodied and indigenous wisdom. For if we want to act differently, we will need a different understanding of ourselves.

    Download the pdf here


    We are looking for makers based in the Netherlands who have environmental, social, cultural and political factors at the core of their practice or have the ambition to focus on these topics. We will select 8 participants to join the trajectory. We encourage recent graduates to apply.

    Costs for participation are €250 ex VAT. This is an all-in fee, including the participation in the 6 gatherings and workshops, travel and accomodation for joining the international exchange to Budapest and participation in the one-day symposium during Dutch Design Week.

    In case you want to participate, but do not have the financial means to pay the fee, please include this in your motivation letter.

    Deadline for application: August 31

    Please send your application to Lorenzo Gerbi and Marlou van der Cruijsen via an email to
    To include in application (free format):
    • Motivation to participate and introduction of who you are
    • Current project(s) you are working on
    • (optional) portfolio + link to your website / socials

    Program overview

    The program is set-up as a series of gatherings/workshops, +/- 3 hours each. In each of these we will dive into a topic. Invited speakers will introduce the topics and we will do exercises to get more acquainted with the topics. Next to the gatherings, Baltan will organise a symposium during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, where participants are invited to present their practice alongside guest speakers. In November the group of participants will travel to Budapest to meet the international partners and join a workshop on their methodology.

    The program starts with a kick-off gathering in Eindhoven. This will be the occasion for the participating designers to get to know each other and the coaches. Together we will do exercises that will help the designers voice their current ideals and beliefs. During this first gathering we will work on an intersubjective glossary that re-defines concepts with new meanings that suit the group’s desired reality.

    "Stories are the means by which we navigate the world. They allow us to interpret its complex and contradictory signals. When we want to make sense of something, the sense we seek is not scientific sense but narrative fidelity." – George Monbiot, This Can’t Be Happening
    Stories are fundamental for the way we understand ourselves and the world around us. Could we together create a story that steers us towards a more loving and caring relationship with the planet and all its inhabitants?

    Could the body help us to go beyond logical thinking and move from understanding to feeling? Starting from the body as a dimension we all share is not just equalizing but can open up other ways of knowing. Through the body, we could go beyond rational modern Western thinking and rely on our perceptions and feelings to grasp and act on the complex reality around us.

    Baltan will organize a 1-day symposium around the Raise Your Voice program. In an informal setting, we invite the audience to join the exploration of the participating designers. The designers will present their practices, thoughts, doubts and hopes to the audience. Next to that there will be invited speakers.

    Local and indigenous knowledge is developed during long histories of close relationship with the earth. If we listen, what could we learn from these perspectives? Could these lead to reimagining our relationship with each other, with other species and with the planet?

    → BUDAPEST EXCHANGE / (Dates to be confirmed)
    The group will travel to Budapest for an exchange with ProProgressione and Sineglossa.
    Pro Progressione will facilitate a one-day session around their Socially Engaged Art method and the methodology of Theatre in Education (TEI). It entails a consideration of arts as active and integrated parts of society, with all its inequalities, structural problems and challenges. Pro Progressione believes that for tackling those, art must take an active part, using its skill sets to empower underprivileged and marginalised actors.

    Sineglossa will facilitate a one-day session on their Archetypes & Soft Skills methodology. This methodology helps participants ‘undress’ their professional role, bringing their transversal and soft skills into a workgroup. Through an initial self-assessment process, participants choose which archetype to identify with. Each archetype represents a soft skill (empathy, resilience, leadership etc.). The group is thus formed starting from the identity of the participants, who join as Magician, Wise, Innocent, answering the questions “who am I?” rather than the question “what can I do?”.

    As the last assignment, we propose to the participating designers to write their personal positioning, story, and narrative. One that shows their voice as a designer. We gather these in a podcast series.

    About Baltan Laboratories
    Baltan Laboratories is a cultural lab based in Eindhoven. Baltan initiates and supports art and design projects that focus on societal issues in an imaginative, collaborative and indisciplinary manner. Through her program, Baltan aims at creating space(s) for rehearsing change: hopeful and critical spaces, spaces that empower and emancipate, and inspire us to act.

    Raise Your Voice is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL and Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.

    Download the pdf here


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