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    Posted: 28 December 2022

    Developing self-reflective situated design practices

    A podcast series available on Soundcloud and Spotify

    As a conclusion of the Raise Your Voice trajectory, we developed with the participants a podcast series in which we will talk about how to develop your voice as a designer or artist working on societal issues.

    Raise Your Voice was a learning trajectory developed by Baltan for designers and artists who focus their practice around social, economic, political and environmental issues, so that they can grow their own voice and position themselves in these topics. In the past months, the participants joined a series of thematic sessions that focus on discourses and knowledges that are still marginal in the design field such as decolonizing design, design for the pluriverse and embodied knowledge.

    The aim of Raise Your Voice was to develop an attitude of self-reflection, which helps designers to situate their practice, taking into account how much it’s influenced by the context and by one's own subjectivity.

    In this podcast series you will get to know the participants, their voices and learnings through audio fragments and conversations.

    • Episode 0 - Intro
    Soundcloud | Spotify

    In this episode 0, Marlou van den Cruijsen and Lorenzo Gerbi introduce the series and the learning trajectory that inspired it.

    • Episode 1 - Camilla Carmack and Lieke Mangindaan
    Soundcloud | Spotify

    In episode 1, Lieke Mangindaan and Camilla Carmack talk about how embodiment can help us relate to the world around us including non-human entities, the role of language and different forms of communicating to understand each other and feeling part of nature.

    Camilla Carmack is a UX Designer based in Eindhoven, born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
    In 2015, she moved to Enschede, Netherlands to study "Creative Media and Game Technologies". Since her graduation, she has been practising UX design professionally in the software industry. Over the past several years, she has also been involved in various social projects. This helped her to explore the importance of design and art in social issues resolution from increasing awareness to offering tangible solutions.

    Lieke Mangindaan is studying to become an art educator at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts. Through artistic research and educational programs such as workshops, tours and a podcast, She strives to make people aware of their place in our society and ecology.

    • Episode 2 – Asja Keeman, Rosalie Bak and Sarah Kaushik
    Soundcloud | Spotify

    In episode 2, Sarah Kaushik, Rosalie Bak and Asja Keeman talk about how to bring a level of kindness in the midst of developing yourself, being aware of the audience and they explore what’s underneath the layers with which they and others define their creative practice.

    Asja Keeman is a freelance Graphic Designer focusing on multimedia projects, communication design, publications and photo books that engage with international political and social issues. Such as, but not limited to, displacement, migration, collective trauma and women's rights.

    Rosalie Bak is an Amsterdam-based art-informed haptonomic mediator, educator, designer of interactions and necro-ecological explorer. Within her studio she works with an audience of zero, one to some, to facilitate creative exchanges at the intersection of ecology, matter, the body and experience.

    Sarah Kaushik is a research-based scenographer currently residing in Utrecht, focusing on building site-specific narratives and engaging spectators through embodied experiences.

    • Episode 3 - Talisa Harjono and Agat Sharma
    Soundcloud | Spotify

    In episode 3, Talisa Harjono and Agat Sharma talk about taking inspiration from and sculpting with voices and texts from others in order to express yourself. For instance what other words could be heard from David Attenborough and how do the lines of Georges Perec and Irma Thompson resonate? It takes vulnerability to put something of yourself into your work, how can we feel comfortable being the ‘main character’ ourselves?

    In her work, Talisa Harjono walks the fine line between art and investigative journalism. Her starting point is often sociological in concordance with her own experience. For research, she goes on a personal quest, by putting her body where her questions are. She questions laws and social norms surrounding public space, (il)legality, symbolisms and ownership. Her work takes shape in site-specific installations, performances and videos. She works and lives in Amsterdam.

    Agat Sharma is a theatre maker and trained designer who is interested in almost everything. Why would he limit his curiosity? His core reaction to most human situations is a startle reflex, “How did we manage to end up here?” This grim existential wonder is at the core of his practice. These days he can hardly sleep because he is always thinking about the political potential of imagining alternative temporalities. Or as he likes to call it, other ways of imagining the future: ‘doing time’.

    • Episode 4 - Ollie Palmer and Lorenzo Gerbi
    Soundcloud | Spotify

    In the fourth and final episode we listen to participant Ollie Palmer in dialogue with Baltan’s co-director Lorenzo Gerbi. Together they reflect on the Raise Your Voice trajectory, discussing the illusion of control, the liberty and acceptance that comes with undoing yourself from external expectations, how to demask yourself and the journey and different phases you go through as an artist and artistic institution. How can we create more space in the art scene for self-reflection and positioning?

    Ollie Palmer is an artist, filmmaker, and educator based in Rotterdam. His work has been exhibited worldwide. He was artist-in-residence at the Palais de Tokyo's research lab and holds a PhD by Design on the subject of scripted performances and creative constraints. He is part of the Situated Design group at the Centre for Applied Research in Art, Design and Technology.

    Lorenzo Gerbi is a designer, curator and educator based in Eindhoven (NL). He is co-director and curator at Baltan Laboratories.

    Raise Your Voice is a learning trajectory developed by Baltan Laboratories in collaboration with Sineglossa (IT) and Pro Progressione (HU). The trajectory is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL and Cultuur Eindhoven.


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