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    Posted: 30 June 2022

    Action Plan and implementation

    In the previous semesters, the Action Plan and the Validation Tool of the TRL-Scheme were finalized and discussed with the Local Stakeholder group. Now, RegionArts moved into the second phase of the project, which focusses on the implementation of the Action Plan. In semester 7 and 8, Baltan organized two workshops for about the Validation Tool.

    Action Plan
    In semester 7 of RegionArts, Baltan finalized the action plan for the Eindhoven region, focusing on supporting artistic and concept driven projects in their development towards implementation. With inspiration from Good Practices from the RegionArts consortium, Baltan has developed a validation tool for artistic and concept-driven projects.

    Our conclusion after phase 1 of RegionArts is that the Eindhoven region needs a shared framework regarding arts and ICT projects. This will enable the stakeholders in the region to make a good estimate of the phase in which ideas and project are, what is needed to move forward and offer the right support, which projects are almost ready to enter the market and which projects can be characteristic of strengthening and propagating Eindhoven’s TDK (Technology, Design, Knowledge) profile.

    The Action Plan is built on policy actions that aim for the implementation of this Validation Tool into the TDK policy of Eindhoven. Baltan defined three actions. In the first the tool is introduced to the field with the aim of validating the tool and reaching acceptance of the tool. In the second action a new mapping of the value chain (and its gaps) is implemented in synchrony with the Validation Tool. The third action is the integration of the Validation Tool in the new Design Policy of the municipality. You can download the full Action Plan.

    Baltan is currently organizing workshops around the tool (Action 1). In case you are interested in organizing such a workshop for your own organization, please contact us at: info@baltanlaboratories.org

    LSG 10 and Validation Tool workshop #1: A journey through the wormhole
    In Semester 8 of Region Arts, Baltan piloted the workshop ‘A journey through the wormhole’ (combined with the Local Stakeholder Group meeting 10) on the 10th of March for different stakeholders, such as artist/maker(s), intermediaries/financers, and policy makers.

    Baltan developed a role play. Participants are guided through the journey of an artist from idea to a product ready to enter the market. The game challenges the participants to put themselves in the perspective of an artist, company, or policy maker. The game is concluded by a discussion on the different roles, the journey and the support system and its gaps.

    The workshop was well received. The group concluded that a common language and a mapping of the full ecosystem is necessary. Fourteen participants from different organizations in the field attended the meeting and workshop. Among them were Gemeente Eindhoven, Kunstloc Brabant, Fontys, Brabant C, Venture Spring, Morgenmakers, Lusinus and Values of Culture & Creativity.
    Read more about the workshop

    Policy Booklet 3: Baltan contributed to Policy Booklet 3. This policy booklet focusses on the indicators used to evaluate the outcomes of the RegionArts project. Download the full policy booklet

    Exchanges of Experience: Molise and Rovaniemi
    On 2 and 3 November Molise organized an Exchange of Experience. During the meeting project partners presented their action plan, indicators, and results to each other and gave each other feedback. It was beneficial to get more insight in the indicators and results of our fellow partners and discuss difficulties, challenges, and opportunities for the implementation of the Action Plans.

    On 23 and 24 March an Exchange of Experience in Rovaniemi, Lapland was organized by Lapin Yliopisto University of Lapland. In those two days there were two gatherings where all partners presented their project, action plans and the course of the process. The first was an internal meeting and the second was a public event as part of the Arctic Design Week, where interested parties could be informed and inspired about the working method of Region Arts..

    Next to that Baltan facilitated the workshop ‘A journey through the wormhole’ as part of the Arctic Design Week. This gave us the opportunity to test the workshop in an international setting. We are happy with the positive feedback we received and to see that the Validation Tool is also relevant in an international context.

    Marlou van der Cruijsen attended as a speaker at AHA Forum at Arctic Design Week organized by the City of Rovaniemi, moderated by Päivi Tahkokallio. Together panel discussed sustainability and the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration to mitigate the effects of climate change.

    About RegionArts
    The Interreg Europe program RegionArts aims to promote collaboration between art and ICT and how policy can contribute to this. Each partner will deliver a policy advise with recommendations to enhance art and ICT collaborations in its own region. The consortium consists of partners from: Italy, Croatia, Finland, Portugal, Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands. Within RegionArts, Baltan Laboratories focusses on the Noord-Brabant/Eindhoven region.

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